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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
Lives and Goals (Tabulation VI)
Lives Goal
1. Planetary Logoi - The major Three. Cosmic liberation; the final cosmic Initiations.
2. The minor four planetary Logoi. Cosmic Initiation, or the first four Initiations.
3. The informing Lives of a planetary globe. Manus of a cosmic chain. Not a seed manu, but a periodical manu of lesser degree. This involves an unrevealable mystery, connected with certain Hierarchies of color.
4. The informing Life of a kingdom in nature. Transference in one of three directions:
  1. To the line of the solar Pitris.
  2. To Sirius, as a karmic adjuster.
  3. To the solar system of the next order to work in connection with the planetary Logos of his own line as ruler of a kingdom or life wave in the system, and not just in a scheme.
5. The solar Pitris. The highest three groups will become major planetary Logoi; the lower four groups will become minor planetary Logoi.
6. The Human evolution. To become the solar Pitris of another cycle. To follow any of the paths earlier enumerated. Those who become solar Pitris, being the bulk of humanity, return to Sirius to be breathed out again into activity.
7. The lunar Pitris To become men. They will in their higher grades pass directly into the animal evolution of the next cycle and so eventually individualize. Their three higher grades will become animal-men, and the lower four will contribute to the quaternic forms of the men of the next creation.
8. The Animal evolution Human kingdom.
9. The Vegetable evolution The Animal kingdom.
10. The Mineral evolution The Vegetable kingdom.
11. The four higher grades of lesser Builders on all planes. They will form the manifested double or form of that mysterious third evolution of the next system; that is, the etheric body of the planetary entity. This mysterious life is as yet an unfathomable mystery and one which will not be revealed till the final one of the triplicity of solar systems of our solar Logos.
12. The tree lower grades of the lesser Builders The physical body in its densest form of the planetary entity.
It might here be noted that the planetary Entity is the sumtotal of all the elemental lives of the lesser Builders functioning as, or forming, the substance of any particular globe in physical objectivity. The mystery of the whole subject lies hidden in three things:

First, the fact that our three planes, physical, astral, and mental, form the dense body of the solar Logos, and are therefore not considered as forming principles.

The second fact is that the lesser "lives" or the elemental essence are the "refuse" of an earlier system, and react to inherent impulses so powerfully that it was only possible to control them through the dynamic will of the Logos, consciously applied. The word "refuse" must be interpreted analogically, and as is understood when it is said that man gathers to himself in each fresh incarnation matter to form his dense physical body which is tinged with the earlier vibrations of preceding incarnations. These "lives" have been gradually drawn in during the entire mahamanvantara as it became safe and possible to control and bend them to the will of the greater Builders. Much of the earlier energy-substance in systemic construction has been passed on into that force-matter which we call that of the lunar Pitris, and its place has gradually been taken by this type of energy, gathered in from the greater sphere in which our Logos has place. The twelve evolutions are after all but the twelve types of energy, manifesting ever in three groups of forces, and again as one group when synthesized during the process of manifestation. They are fourfold in interaction, and have a systemic ebb and flow about which little is known.

Third, the fact of the coming into incarnation of the [846] informing life " of this low grade substance, who is an entity from a point in the Heavens which may not be mentioned: He embodies influences of a manasic nature, but manas at its very lowest vibration. Perhaps some idea of this may be gathered if it is stated that there is a resemblance between this vibration, or this energizing life, and the basic vibration of the solar system preceding this one. We must remember that our basic vibration was the result of the evolutionary process of the entire earlier system. This entity has the same analogous relation to the deva evolution as the mysterious "bridges" which baffle scientists, and which are found between the vegetable and the animal kingdom, and the mineral and the vegetable; they are neither the one nor the other. On a large scale, this "life" or the informing entity of the lower life of the physical plane of the solar system is neither a full exponent of the subconscious life of the earlier system, nor of the elemental life of this; only in the next system will be seen the manifestation of a form of consciousness of a type at present inconceivable to man. Esoterically he is stated to have "neither sight nor hearing"; he is neither deva nor human in essence. He is occultly "blind," utterly unaware; he is capable only of movement, and resembles the fetus in the womb; that which is coming to the birth only the next greater cycle will reveal. The mystery of the moon (S. D., I, 172, footnote.) or of the "divine lunatic" is connected somewhat with the revelation (through the premature compassion of our planetary Logos) of the life of this nature, informing the dense globe of the moon chain. On His high level, pity awoke in the heart of the planetary Logos for certain involutionary existences within the moon chain, and (like the Buddha on a lesser scale and at a much later date) compassionate zeal brought the karmic results with which we are still concerned. The "beast" must be driven back [847] for his own good to run his cycle, hidden in his den and confined within safe limits until the dawning of a new system brings him conscious opportunity.

More we may not say. It must be remembered that the mysteries of existence are as yet but little cognized by man. In cases where profound mysteries lie, man is often totally unaware of it; and frequently man remains blind and deaf where no mystery is but only revelation for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. When man has penetrated to those secrets which lie behind the lower kingdoms in nature, when he has solved the problem of the constitution of the interior of the Earth, and has from there worked his way back to knowledge of the working of the involutionary path and the lives which tread that path, then and then only will he begin to realize the strangeness of that which lies beyond his ken.

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