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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
They are grouped also according to primary color, to subsidiary coloring, according to key or tone, and one tabulation is entirely numerical. It might be of interest [856] to the student if we here pointed out that in the Hall of Records in connection with the human Egos certain of the records under symbological terminology keep a minute account of the following facts concerning each unit:

The lunar record. This deals with all the lower vehicles and forms, employed by the human Monads and concerns itself with:

  1. Their rate of vibration,
  2. Their type,
  3. Their key number,
  4. The particular group of lunar Lords who are concerned with those bodies,
  5. The detailed history of the elemental lives who construct the bodies.

This information is employed by the karmic official responsible for the production of a new set of vehicles at each incarnation, in order to assist the working out of karma. The history of the lunar bodies is stored up in the permanent atoms.

The solar record. This deals with the more permanent egoic vehicle, and concerns itself with:

  1. The rate of vibration.
  2. The history of the petal unfoldment.
  3. The history of any particular group of solar Angels concerned with the formation of the lotus.
  4. The activity of the deva substance out of which the lotus is constructed.
  5. Group relationships.

This information is used by the Master Who has made Himself responsible for the stimulation and the growth of any particular series of Egos, and also by advanced Egos who are consciously working with their group.

The consciousness record. This concerns the response of the indwelling Entity to its surroundings. It deals [857] with the utilization of knowledge by the knower, and is in many ways the most intricate and the most lengthy of the records.

These records are mostly used by the Lord of the World and His pupils to ascertain information in connection with the planetary centers. They are arranged in such a way that the entire record of any group, however vast and extensive, is embodied in seven sheets of symbols, each containing forty-nine symbols. These sheets are changed and corrected once every seven years, and are precipitated on astral matter by an effort of will by the Chohan responsible for the particular group involved.

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