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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
(e.) Initiation and the Petals

In considering the connection of the petals and their unfoldment through initiation, there is little which it is permissible to give out at this time for the information of the general public. All that is possible is to give certain statements, containing:

  1. Hints as to the right direction of the energy,
  2. Suggestions as to the basic mysteries which man has to solve,
  3. Indications as to certain correspondences,
  4. Practical points for constructive thinking.

Students must remember that the aim of all truly occult teachers is not to give information but to train their pupils in the use of thought energy. It will therefore be apparent why this method of instruction is the one invariably used. It is the method which involves the dropping of a hint on the part of the Teacher, and the correlation perhaps of certain correspondences, coupled with a suggestion as to the sources of light. It involves, on the part of the pupil, the following recognitions:

  1. That the hint may be worth following.
  2. That meditation is the pathway to the source of light, and that the hint dropped is the "seed" for meditation.
  3. That facts, ill-assorted and uncorrelated, are menaces to knowledge and no help.
  4. That every aspect of truth, progressively grasped, has to be assimilated, and welded into the experience of the student.
  5. That unless the correspondences agree in an atomic, personal, planetary and cosmic fashion, they are not to be trusted.
  6. That much information is withheld until the student is a disciple, and still more until he is a pledged initiate. The reason for this is to be found in the [869] fact that all knowledge concerns energy, its application, and its use or misuse.

Let us now continue with our consideration of the petals and Initiation.

Each of the three circles of lotus petals is closely connected with one of the three Halls. This has been earlier referred to. Much of the work connected with the first tier of petals is part of the experience in the Hall of Ignorance. The act of organizing and preparing for unfoldment is the most important stage, and that with which man is the most concerned. The act of petal opening is of briefer duration, and is produced by the pouring in of solar heat or fire, and thus bringing about a fresh access of energy. This is produced in our earth scheme through the cooperation of the Mahachohan, of the Chohan of a man's egoic group, and the particular Ego concerned.

The following tabulation may be found helpful:

  1. Knowledge Petals - First circle
    1. Organized in the Hall of Ignorance.
    2. Guided by the force and energy of the Mahachohan.
    3. The third group of solar Pitris affected.
  2. Love Petals - Second circle
    1. Organized in the Hall of Learning.
    2. Guided by the force of the Bodhisattva.
    3. The second group of solar Lords affected.
  3. Will or Sacrifice Petals - Third circle
    1. Organized in the Hall of Wisdom.
    2. Guided by the force and energy of the Manu.
    3. The first group of solar Angels affected.

At the stage which we are considering (that of the organization and unfoldment of the first tier of petals), the egoic influence felt at the beginning is but small, but when the three petals become sufficiently active and alive through the energy accumulated and stored up in the [870] ego during the activities of the personal life, a form of initiation then takes place which is a reflection (on a lower plane) of the great manasic initiations. The energy in the outer circle of petals causes it to spring apart from the next circle, and to unfold. This threefold energy becomes interactive and a very definite stage is thus reached. This series of initiations is seldom recognized within the physical brain consciousness owing to the relatively inchoate stage of the bodies, and the unresponsiveness of the brain matter. Yet they are nevertheless initiations of a definite though less important character, and they involve primarily the display (within the personal life of the man) of an intelligent recognition of his group relationships on earth. This recognition is frequently selfish in character, as, for instance, that which the union worker displays, but it is indicative of group interplay.

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