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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
This application of extra-egoic force is in itself of a threefold nature, as symbolized by the three protective agencies and the threefold nature of the Rod itself. It emanates in a primary sense from the planetary Logos of a man's ray, and proceeds from that one of the planetary centers which corresponds to either the head, heart, or throat center in a human unit. This energy is applied to the corresponding tier of petals and to the corresponding petal in a tier according to the initiation taken, and according to the primary and secondary ray. A close connection can be traced here between the petals and the centers on the etheric level of the physical plane, [885] and thus it can be seen how (when the necessary work is done) it is possible to have a direct transmission of force from the higher planes to the lower in the following order:
  1. From the logoic center, or the planetary Logos, to the Monad on its own plane.
  2. From that Monad to one of the three tiers of petals, according to the aspect or ray concerned.
  3. From the tier of petals, viewed as a unit, to one of the petals in the circle, according to the quality and type of force, using the petal as a transmitting agency.
  4. From the particular petal in which the force is momentarily centered to one of the permanent atoms, again according to ray and type of force.
  5. From the permanent atom via the atomic triangle, and the mental, and astral centers, to that one of the three higher centers in the etheric body particularly concerned.
  6. From the etheric center to the physical brain.

We have here put very briefly the process of force transmission from the Monad to man on the physical plane, and hence it will be apparent why the emphasis is so consistently laid upon the necessity for bodily purity (in all the three bodies), and upon the alignment of those bodies so that the flow of force may be unimpeded. The effects of this downflow of force may be viewed in a twofold manner, that is, in a material and in a psychic sense.

The material effect, or the result of this stimulation upon the forms and upon the atoms in the forms, is to render them radioactive, or to set loose the energy of substance. This is the liberating of the energy imprisoned within the form, and concerns the Brahma aspect, and [886] the evolution of matter itself. It affects the lunar bodies, and therefore relates to the lunar Lords or Pitris, causing a weakening of their hold upon the lesser builders, bringing them more under the force streams from the solar Angels, and leading to a situation which will eventually result in a return of the lunar Pitris of all degrees to the central point for force substance. In a psychic sense the result of the downflow is a stimulation of consciousness, and the acquisition (through that stimulation) of the psychic powers latent in man. His three higher physical centers, the pineal gland, the pituitary body, and the alta major center are affected, and man becomes psychically aware in the physical brain of the higher influences, happenings and powers. According to the ray concerned, so is the center affected. The force of the lunar Lords, which has succeeded in keeping these three organs quiescent, is superseded and the solar Angels pour in their energy.

All this again is closely connected with the threefold energy of the physical body, and produces effects within the spinal column which arouses the kundalini fire at the base of the spine, causing it to mount along the triple spinal channel, again according to ray and aspect involved. More anent this may not here be said, as the dangers of a premature knowledge along this line are far greater than the dangers of ignorance. Suffice it to point out that the fires at the lower centers, - those below the diaphragm - have, by the time the second initiation is reached, usually mounted to the center between the shoulder blades; at the second initiation they rise as far as the head, and all the fires of the torso are then active. All that remains then to do is to centralize them, to produce the necessary geometrical interplay between the seven head centers, and then to focus them all prior to the final liberation in the highest center of all. [887]

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