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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The Devas and Energy

Before we take up the consideration of these two groups it might be wise here to emphasize the necessity of remembering that when we consider the etheric levels of the physical plane we are dealing with those planes upon which the true form is to be found, and are approaching the solution of the mystery of the Holy Spirit and the Mother. In this realization, and its extension to include an entire solar system, will come a clarifying of the connection between the four higher planes of the system and the three worlds of human endeavor. We have, in the macrocosm, the four planes of superconscious life, or those four central vibrations which are the basis of the life and energy of the etheric body of a planetary Logos and of a solar Logos, and the three planes of conscious and of self-conscious life which form the dense physical vehicle of a Heavenly Man, and of the Grand Man of the Heavens.

By a close scrutiny of these conditions in the macrocosm and in the microcosm will come a comprehension of the reason why the physical vehicle is never considered a principle at all by occultists. The Holy Spirit, the One Who over-shadows and Who implants the germ of life in the waiting acquiescent Virgin Mother or matter (causing her to awaken and to commence her great work of producing the divine incarnation) is a primary factor from the standpoint of the second solar system. In a way incomprehensible to modern thinkers, the Mother, or the divine Aspirant to the mysteries of the cosmic marriage, was (in a previous system) the dominant factor. In this system in connection with substance it is the Holy Spirit. The work, therefore, on etheric levels, and the energy and activity originating therefrom, are the factors that primarily are responsible on the physical [917] plane or all that is tangible, objective, and manifested. The accretion of matter around the vital body, and the densification of substance around the vital etheric nucleus are in themselves the result of interaction, and the final interchange of vibration between that which might be called the residue from an earlier manifestation, and the vibration of this present one.

It is here - in the relation between positive electrical energy in its fourfold differentiation, and the triple negative receptive lower substance - that scientists will eventually arrive at certain definite deductions and discover:

  1. The secret of matter itself, that is, matter as we know and see it.
  2. The key to the process of creation upon the physical plane, and the method whereby density and concretion on the three lower levels are brought about.
  3. The formulas for organic transmutation, or the key to the processes whereby the elements as we know them can be disintegrated and recombined.

Only when scientists are prepared to admit the fact that there is a body of vitality which acts as a focal point in every organized form, and only when they are willing to consider each element and form of every degree as constituting part of a still greater vital body, will the true methods of the great goddess Nature become their methods. To do this they must be prepared to accept the sevenfold differentiation of the physical plane as stated by Eastern occultism, to recognize the triple nature of the septenary manifestation.

  1. The atomic or Shiva energy, the energy of the first subplane or the first etheric plane.
  2. The vital form building energy of the three ensuing etheric levels.
  3. The negative receptive energy of the three planes [918] of the dense physical, the gaseous, the liquid and the truly dense.

They will also eventually consider the interplay between the lower three and the higher four in that great atom called the physical plane. This can be seen duplicated in the atom of the physicist or chemist. Scientific students who are interested in these matters will find it worth while to consider the correspondence between these three types of energy, and that which is understood by the words, atoms, electrons, and ions.

All that manifests (from God to man) 84 is the result of these three types of energy or force, of their combination, their interplay, and their psychic action and reaction. During the great cycle of logoic appearance it is the second type of energy which dominates and which is of evolutionary importance, and this is why the etheric body which lies back of all that is visible is the most important. This is equally true of gods, of men and of atoms.

Much time is spent in speculating upon the sources of life, upon the springs of action, and upon the impulses which underlie the creative processes. Hitherto science has worked somewhat blindly and has spent much time investigating the lower three planes. It has dealt principally with the Mother, with the negative receptive matter, and is only now becoming aware of the Holy Spirit aspect, or of the energy which enables that Mother to fulfil her function, and to carry on her work.

Considering the same problem microcosmically it may be pointed out that men are only now beginning to be [919] aware of the springs of spiritual action, and of the sources of spiritual life. The energy of the higher planes is only revealing itself as men begin to tread the Way, and to come under the influence of buddhi, which flows from the fourth cosmic etheric plane.

84 The Secret Doctrine says that: God, Monad, and Atom are the correspondences of Spirit, Mind and Body. - S. D., I, 679.

The Logos is manifesting in this mahamanvantara as Manas (the Divine Manasaputras in their totality) utilizing atomic sheaths for purposes of evolution and with the aim in view of developing the second aspect of buddhi or wisdom. Wisdom must have manas, or intelligent mind for its basis. He is the sumtotal of Intelligence, evolving in order to develop Love.

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