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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The Work of the Building Devas

Let us now consider the work of the building devas on the three planes, dealing with them in two groups:

  1. Those who are connected with the permanent atoms.
  2. Those who are responsible for the building process.

The devas of the permanent atoms. This particular group of devas are the aggregate of the lives who form the mental unit and the two permanent atoms. They, as we know, have their place within the causal periphery, and are focal points of egoic energy. They are the very highest type of building devas, and form a group of lives which are closely allied to the solar Angels. They exist in seven groups connected with three of the spirillae of [940] the logoic physical permanent atom. These three spirillae are to these seven groups of lives what the three major rays are to the seven groups of rays on the egoic subplanes of the mental plane. This phrase will bear meditating upon, and may convey much information to the intuitional thinker. There is a correspondence between the three permanent atomic triads, and the appearance of man in the third root race. A curiously interesting sequence of the three lines of force can be seen in:

  1. The triads of the involutionary group soul.
  2. The appearance of triple natured man in the third root race.
  3. The triads in the causal bodies of any self-conscious unit.

These building devas are the ones who take up the sound as the Ego sends it forth through certain of the transmitting deva agencies, and by the vibration which this sets up they drive into activity the surrounding deva essence in their two groups:

  1. Those who build the form.
  2. Those who are built into the form.

They only affect those of analogous vibration. The stages of the building of any of the four forms through which lower man (the Quaternary) functions, follow exactly analogous stages to the building of the dense physical body, for instance, of a planet, or of a solar system. This can be traced all the way from the nebulous and chaotic stages through the fiery to the solid, or to the relatively solid where a subtle body is concerned. There is no need for us further to enlarge. H. P. B. has outlined these stages in the Secret Doctrine, (S. D., I, 279, 280.) and they have been dealt with in an earlier part of this Treatise.

We have dealt at some length already with the work [941] of the transmitting devas upon the three planes in the three worlds, and with that of the devas connected with those relatively permanent focal points - the permanent atoms within the causal periphery. We can now consider the group of builders who, responding to the note of the transmitting agencies and to the initial vibration of the second group of builders concerned with the triple lower self, begin the work of aggregating and molding the living substance necessary for egoic manifestation upon the lower planes.

We have seen that the first three stages of the egoic work are:

  1. The sounding of the appropriate note, which note is indicative of man's place in evolution, and of the nature of his "psyche," or Ego.
  2. The transmission of this note by the solar Angel, and the three groups of devas connected with the three permanent atoms.
  3. The vibration set up within these atoms which is in line with the note sounded, and which becomes so strong as to make itself felt in the surrounding deva substance, thus awakening response.

These may be considered as the three primary stages, and we find demonstrated (in connection with the microcosm) the three factors of sound, color and vibration, which, under the Law of Analogy, reflect the three aspects of the macrocosm. Here too is found a resemblance to the work of the first three Sephiroths of the Kabalah,  - the primary stage of manifestation finding its dim reflection in the work of the Ego in the three worlds.

The second stage now takes place, in which the work of building proceeds until the microcosm, man, makes his appearance upon the physical plane. This is succeeded by a third stage of evolution, in which the psychic nature of man is to demonstrate through the medium of the [942] created forms. Then the next two groups of Sephiroth are seen reproduced in man. He is demonstrated to be nine from another angle but we are only concerned in this section with the builders of the form.

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