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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thus the work is one. It proceedeth under the law, and naught can hinder now the work from going forward. The man breathes deeply. He concentrates his forces, and drives the thought-form from him.

Here we have a very important piece of work of magic dealt with, and one that is little considered and known. The force used by the Ego in the work of forcing the man to carry out His purpose has been dynamic will, and the petal, or energy center, employed has been one of the will petals. The man has, up till now, been driven by egoic will, but has blended with this much of the energy of the attraction aspect (desire or love) thereby gathering to himself on the mental plane, the material needed for his thought form. He has succeeded so far that on the concrete levels of the mental plane is to be seen a form in mental matter which is coherent, alive, vibrant, and of a desired nature. Its internal activity is such that its persistence for the length of time necessary to ensure achievement of the egoic purpose is assured; it stands ready to be sent forth upon its mission, to gather to itself material of a denser nature upon the astral plane, and to achieve greater consolidation. This is brought about by an act of will emanating from the man, and he gives the living form power "to break loose." It is exactly at this point, fortunately for the human race, that the majority of magical investigators fail in their work. They build a form in mental matter, but do not know how to send it forth, so that inevitably it will fulfil its mission. Thus many thought forms die a natural death on the mental plane owing to the inability of the man to exert the will faculty constructively, and his failure to understand the laws of thought-form construction. Another factor is his lack of knowledge [1003] of the formula which releases the elemental builders from their surroundings, and forces them to cohere within the periphery of the thought form for as long as the thinker desires.

Finally, they die owing to the incapacity of the man, which prevents him holding a meditation long enough, and formulating his ideas clearly enough to bring about ultimate materialization.

Men are, as yet, too impure and too selfish to be trusted with this knowledge. Their thought forms would be constructed in order to be sent on selfish missions and for destructive ends, and until they are more spiritual, and have gained control over their lower nature, the magical words which galvanize into separated activity the form in mental substance will not be available for their use.

It might be asked how it is that men do achieve their ends, through concentration and visualization, and do manage to send forth thought forms which reach their objective. In two ways this can be brought about:

  • First. By an unconscious recollection of methods and formulas known and used in Atlantean days, when the magical formulas were public property, and men produced results through the pronouncement of certain sounds. They did not achieve their ends through mental ability, but principally through a parrot-like capacity to repeat mantrams. These are, at times, hidden in the subconscious nature, and are used unwittingly by the man who is feeling strongly enough.
  • Second. Through the thoughts and ideas of the man fitting in with the plans and purposes of those who do know, either on the path of white or black magic. Then they utilize the form with its inherent force and galvanize it into activity, and a temporary separate identity, thus sending it forth to accomplish its purpose. This accounts for many of the apparently phenomenal results achieved by selfish or by incompetent (though good) thinkers. [1004]

The magical words are only communicated under the seal of secrecy, to men working under the Brotherhood of Light, to initiates, and to pledged chelas, owing to the great danger involved. Occasionally, too, they are ascertained by men and women who have brought about a condition of alignment with the Ego, and are, therefore, in touch with the inner center of all knowledge within themselves. When this is so, the knowledge is safe, for the Ego ever works on the side of law and righteousness, and the words being emanated by the Ego are "lost in His sound" (as it is occultly termed) and will not be remembered by the physical brain when not under the influence of the solar Angel.

The six rules for the mental plane are necessarily brief, owing to the fact that the plane of mind is as yet an unknown land to the majority, - unknown in so far as its conscious control is concerned. These two remaining rules concern, in the first case, the brother engaged in white magic, and in the second the thought form he is constructing.

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