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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
c. Four Rules for the Physical Plane

In the magical work of form creation, we have carried the thought form down from the mental plane where the solar Angel initiated the work, through the astral, where the equilibrising work was done, to the physical plane, or to the etheric levels. Here the work of producing objectivity is carried forward, and here the worker in magic is in critical danger of failure should he not be cognizant of the forms and mantrams by which the new group of builders can be reached, and the gap between the astral plane and the gaseous subplane of the physical be bridged. It might be useful here to remember that in the work of creation [1022] the white magician avails himself of the current Ray influence. When the third, fifth and seventh rays are in power, either coming in, at full meridian, or passing out, the work is much easier than when the second, sixth or fourth are dominant. At the present time, the seventh Ray, as we know, is rapidly dominating, and it is one of the easiest of the forces with which man has to work. Under this Ray it will be possible to build a new structure for the rapidly decaying civilization, and to erect the new temple desired for the religious impulse. Under its influence the work of the numerous unconscious magicians will be much facilitated. This will eventuate in the rapid growth of unconscious psychic phenomena, in the spread of mental science, and the consequent ability of thinkers to acquire and to create those tangible benefits they desire. Nevertheless, this magic of the unconscious or selfish kind leads to karmic results of a deplorable nature, for only those who work with the law and who control the lesser lives through knowledge, love and will, evade the consequences entailed on those who manipulate living matter for selfish ends.

The white magician utilizes solar forces. As the planet passes around the sun different types of solar energy are contacted, and expert knowledge is required to utilize the influences in due time, and to have the form so constituted that it can respond at the needed hour to the differentiated energy.

He manipulates planetary force of a triple nature:

  1. That which is the product of his own planet, and the most easily available.
  2. That which emanates from the polar opposite of our planet.
  3. That which can be felt originating from that planet which forms, with our earth and its opposite, the esoteric triangle. [1023]

Students need here to remember that we are now dealing with etheric matter and vital energy, and are therefore concerning ourselves with the physical plane and all that is included in that term. They need likewise to remember that the magician (as he is working on the plane of objectivity) is in a position to use his own vital forces in the work of thought form creation, but this is only possible and permissible when he has reached the point in evolution where he is a channel for force and knows how to draw it within himself, transmute it, or combine it with the forces of his own body, and then transmit it to the thought form which he is in process of constructing. Much of interest will open up before the thinker who extends this idea to the planetary Logos and His work of form creating.

With these few preliminary remarks, we can now continue with the Rules of Magic for the physical plane.

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