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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
3. The Law of Solar Evolution

It is, of course, a truism to state that the Law of Solar Evolution is the sumtotal of all the lesser activities. [1055] We might consider this point in connection with the planetary atom, and the solar atom.

The planetary atom has, as all else in nature, three main activities:

First. It rotates upon its own axis, revolves cyclically within its own ring-pass-not, and thus displays its own inherent energy. What is meant by this phrase? Surely that the milliards of atoms which compose the planetary body (whether dense or subtle) pursue an orbital course around the central energetic positive unit. This dynamic force center must be considered as subsisting naturally in two locations (if such an unsuitable term is permissible) according to the stage, usage, and particular type of the indwelling planetary entity.

  1. In what corresponds to the head center in man, if the planetary Logos is of very advanced development.
  2. In the planetary correspondence to the heart center.

The throat center is, of course, ever vibrant in all the Logoi, as all are fully intelligent Creators, having perfected this capacity in an earlier solar system.

Students should here bear in mind that these centers of force are to be found depicted in the central Triangles upon the chart on page 373 [Chart VI], though no indication is to be found through a study of such triangles as to the relative attainment of the planetary Logos. Within the chains likewise, will be found corresponding centers of energy, and also within the dense physical body of the Logos of any scheme, the physical planet.

One such center is to be found at the North Pole, and two more are located within the planetary sphere, and frequently the inflow of force or energy to these internal centers (via the polar center) results in those disasters we call earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

There is, as we know, a cyclic shifting of polar inclination, [1056] due to the gradually increasing responsiveness of the planetary Logos to His heavenly Prototype, whereby influences from the Great Bear draw, or occultly, "attract," the attention of the Logos, and bring Him more into line with a greater impulsive Will. This shifting causes disruption in His lower manifestation, which is a condition on the cosmic Path of Initiation analogous to that undergone by a disciple.

The planetary atom revolves upon its axis and comes periodically under influences which produce definite effects. These influences are, among others, those of the moon, and of the two planets which lie nearest to it on either side - nearer and farther away from the Sun. The moon's influence is exceedingly strong, and has a curious resemblance (as far as the physical planet is concerned) to the "Dweller on the Threshold," which has such a familiar and potent effect upon the human atom. The resemblance must not be strained, for it should be borne in mind that the moon has no effect upon the Heavenly Man Himself, as His stage of evolution negates such a thing, but that the influence felt is by the planetary Entity - the sumtotal of the elemental essences of the planet. Scientific occult students will learn much anent the planetary scheme when they consider the influence of the moon's karmic pull upon the earth, coupled with the effect of the two neighboring planets, occultly understood.

Second, the planetary atom also revolves orbitally around its solar center. This is its expression of rotary-spiral-cyclic action, and its recognition of the divine central magnet. This brings it under the constant impression of other schemes, each of which produces effects upon the planet. It likewise brings it under the inflowing streams of energy from what are termed the zodiacal constellations which reach the planetary scheme via the great center, the Sun. It will be apparent to any student [1057] who has even slightly developed the power of visualization, and has some realization of the force currents of the solar system, that all can be regarded as the swirling tide of intermingling currents, with numerous focal points of energy demonstrating here and there, yet in no way static as to location.

The third activity of the planetary atom is that which carries it through space along with the entire solar system, and which embodies its "drift" or inclination towards the systemic orbit in the heavens.

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