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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
Before the final liberation but after the major part of the purificatory and aligning processes are complete, the vehicles of the initiate present a wonderful appearance, due to the streams of energy from the egoic body which [1122] can reach him. The egoic lotus is unfolded, and the central "fire" displayed. Each petal and each circle of petals is pulsating with life and color, and is in active movement, revolving with great rapidity and with the stream of living energy circulating in every part of the lotus. The three permanent atoms glow and blaze and form, through their rapid revolution and interplay, what appears to be a blazing point of fire, so that it has been called at times "the reflection of the Jewel in the Mother's forehead." The eighteen centers on the three planes (four on the mental and seven on each of the two lower planes) are radiant wheels of fire, each group distinguished by a specific color, and revolving with such rapidity that the eye can scarce follow them. The bodies are formed of the highest grades of substance, each individual atom, therefore, being capable of intensified vibration, and glowing with the light of its own central fire. The etheric body especially is to be noticed as it is a transmitter at this stage of the purest type of prana, and deserves the name sometimes given to it of "the body of the Sun." It is the envelope which holds the fires of the microcosmic system; in it are centered not only the pranic fires, but those seven centers which are the transmitters of all the higher energies from the Ego, and from the two higher material bodies. All is centralized, and the etheric vehicle waits for use on the physical plane in cooperation with the dense medium until the man can succeed in linking the consciousness of the two aspects of the dense body so that the continuity is preserved. This work accomplished, the three centers which are of a strictly physical nature - the pineal gland, the pituitary body and the spleen - themselves become luminous and radiant, and all the fires of the body are so stimulated that the atoms which form the physical sheath appear to radiate. This is the occult truth behind the belief that every messenger from the Lodge and every Savior [1123] of man is naturally a healer. The forces which flow through a man whose atoms, centers, sheaths, and causal body form a coherent unit in full and radiant activity are of such strength and purity as to have a definite effect upon the nature of those they contact. They heal, stimulate and increase the vibration of their fellow men.

All this must be somewhat realized and visioned before a man on the physical plane will be willing to undergo the purifying discipline, and tread the Path whereby he finds his center and works from that standpoint of power. He has to align these various factors, or energy centers, and thus bring on to the physical plane power to be used in the healing of the nations. When the glory of a man's inner God is seen, when his radiance shines forth then will it be said of him as of those who have preceded him along the Path: "Then shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings." (Bible. Malachi, 4:2.)

There are, in connection with human evolution, certain factors which produce definite and important results, when connected with each other through linking streams of energy and therefore consciously functioning. These factors might be considered as follows, dividing them into two groups, each of them emphasizing the duality of the microcosmic manifestation:

Group I.

  1. The Knowledge Petals.
  2. The knowledge petal in each of the two inner circles.
  3. The centers on the mental plane.
  4. The throat center in etheric matter.
  5. The alta major center.
  6. The physical brain.

Group II.

  1. The Love Petals.
  2. The love petal in each circle. [1124]
  3. The centers on the astral plane.
  4. The heart center in etheric matter.
  5. The pituitary body.
  6. The sympathetic nervous system.

These various alignments (when functioning with due adjustment) result in the transmission of energy in the first case from the manasic permanent atom, and in the second case from the buddhic permanent atom. It will be apparent, therefore, how important it is that the student duly considers the process of bringing about a uniform alignment, and a conscious appreciation of the vibratory processes of these two groups. As he brings this adjustment about, the effect upon the physical plane will be the manifestation of the powers of the Soul, and of the healing capacity; the man will become a focal point for egoic energy and a server of his race. The black magician brings about similar results by means of the first group, only with the exception that he cannot align the knowledge petals in the two inner groups, as the love-wisdom aspect is atrophied in his case. He does, however, bring through the energy of the manasic permanent atom, for the force of Mahat (of which Manas is an expression) is closely connected with what is erroneously called "evil." Mahat and cosmic Evil have a close connection.

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