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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
2. Motion produces Periodic Manifestation

We must here bear in mind, that we are considering synthetic alignment in connection with the second aspect, and are therefore dealing with the activity of those forms of divine manifestation which are nearing their objective. This objective might be defined as ability to vibrate synchronously with the greater unit of which it is a part. This must, therefore, be considered by the student in seven ways.

  • The first three ways concern the relation of the perfected or nearly perfected units in the three kingdoms of nature with their immediate group soul, and their continued manifestation in any particular kingdom.
  • Fourth, the relation of the disciple, or man on the path, to his immediate group, and the laws which govern his reappearance in physical incarnation.
  • Fifth, the relation of a planetary Spirit to His group of planets, and the processes of man's obscuration, or withdrawal, from physical plane manifestation.
  • Sixth, the relation of the major three planetary Spirits, or the three major aspects of the Logos and their manifestation.
  • Seventh, the relation of the informing Life of a solar system to the group of constellations of which He forms part, and His periodic manifestation.

These subjects have been touched upon when we studied incarnation and, earlier still, when considering pralaya or obscuration, but we dealt then with them in general terms. We might now deal more specifically with the final activities, or modes of motion, in these various congeries of lives, and see what occurs during the final stages of conscious existence, and of limited manifestation. The subject [1133] is peculiarly abstruse, particularly where the elemental groups are concerned, but certain interesting points might here be brought out which will bear the closest study. Let us consider the three lower kingdoms first and pass later to the methods and activities of a human being, of a planetary Logos, and of a solar Logos.

The appearance, and the final disappearance, of any manifested Life is intimately concerned with the possession, the evolutionary development, and the final disintegration, of the permanent atom. Permanent atoms, as the term is usually understood, are the property of those lives only who have achieved self-consciousness, or individuality, and therefore relative permanence in time and space. The permanent atom may be viewed as the focal point of manifestation on any particular plane. It serves, if I may use so peculiar a term, as the anchor for any particular individual in any particular sphere, and this is true of the three great groups of self-conscious Lives:

  1. The incarnating Jivas, or human beings,
  2. The planetary Logoi,
  3. The solar Logos.

We must remember here that all the atomic subplanes of the seven planes form the seven spirillae of the logoic permanent atom, for this has a close bearing upon the subject under consideration.

The units, therefore, in the three lower kingdoms possess no permanent atoms but contribute to the formation of those atoms in the higher kingdoms. Certain wide generalizations might here be made, though too literal or too identified an interpretation should not be put upon them.

First, it might be said that the lowest or mineral kingdom provides that vital something which is the essence of the physical permanent atom of the human being. It provides that energy which is the negative basis for the [1134] positive inflow which can be seen pouring in through the upper depression of the physical permanent atom.

Secondly, the vegetable kingdom similarly provides the negative energy for the astral permanent atom of a man, and thirdly, the animal kingdom provides the negative force which when energized by the positive is seen as the mental unit. This energy which is contributed by the three lower kingdoms is formed of the very highest vibration of which that kingdom is capable, and serves as a link between man and his various sheaths, all of which are allied to one or other of the lower kingdoms.

  1. The mental body - mental unit - animal kingdom.
  2. The astral body - astral permanent atom - vegetable kingdom.
  3. The physical body - physical permanent atom - mineral kingdom.

In man these three types of energy are brought together, and synthesized, and when perfection of the personality is reached, and the vehicles aligned, we have:

  1. The energy of the mental unit - positive.
  2. The energy of the astral permanent atom - equilibrized.
  3. The energy of the physical permanent atom - negative.

Man is then closely linked with the three lower kingdoms by the best that they can provide, and they have literally given him his permanent atoms, and enabled him to manifest through their activity. The above three groups might be studied also from the standpoint of the three Gunas: 21 [1135]

  1. Tamas - inertia - mineral kingdom - physical permanent atom.
  2. Rajas - activity - vegetable kingdom - astral permanent atom.
  3. Sattva - rhythm - animal kingdom - mental unit.

All these must be regarded only from the point of view of the personality, the lower self, or not-self. In illustration of this idea, it might be pointed out that when the animal body of prehuman man was rhythmically adjusted, and had attained its highest or sattvic vibration, then individualization became possible, and a true human being appeared in manifestation.

21 "Hence every manifested God is spoken of as a Trinity. The joining of these three Aspects, or phases of manifestation, at their outer points of contact with the circle, gives the basic Triangle of contact with Matter, which, with the three Triangles made with the lines traced by the Point, thus yields the divine Tetraktys, sometimes called the Cosmic Quaternary, the three divine Aspects in contact with Matter, ready to create. These, in their totality, are the Oversoul, of the cosmos that is to be.

"Under Form we may first glance at the effects of these Aspects as responded to from the side of Matter. These are not, of course, due to the Logos of a system, but are the correspondences in universal Matter with the Aspects of the universal Self. The Aspect of Bliss, or Will, imposes on Matter the quality of Inertia - Tamas, the power of resistance, stability, quietude. The Aspect of Activity gives to Matter its responsiveness to action - Rajas, mobility. The Aspect of Wisdom gives it Rhythm - Sattva, vibration, harmony. It is by the aid of Matter thus prepared that the Aspects of Logoic Consciousness can manifest themselves as Beings."
- A Study in Consciousness, by Annie Besant, p. 9.

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