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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
The fourth or human group, unites all three lives. The periodic manifestation of the three elemental groups (through the medium of the three lower kingdoms) is, therefore, governed by factors hidden in the nature of that great vibration which we call tamasic, or heavy rhythm. It is the vibration of Brahma, the third aspect, the mother or matter aspect. Their appearance, therefore, is one of a very slow manifestation, the seven subsidiary vibrations bringing in one or other of the seven groups of each group soul in a very slow alternation. The cycles cannot be given; two things only can be said: the appearance of these groups as units in manifestation is controlled by three factors:
  1. The moon, for these are the many lunar fathers.
  2. The ray in manifestation at any time.
  3. The karma of the informing Life of any kingdom.

The second consideration is the karma and life-history of the planetary entity. He sleeps and awakes; he is the embodiment of tamas, and as he progresses and evolves so do the lower kingdoms.

The lunar pitris are to the planetary entity what the three major centers are to man or to the Logoi. The lunar Pitris who contribute the human form are (to the planetary entity) the correspondence to the head center. Those who are the fathers of the vegetable forms correspond to his heart center, whilst the Pitris of the mineral kingdom are analogous to the throat center. This is all very obscure but hints of much value lie here.

It is not possible to give much further information relative to the periodical appearing of the subhuman forms of life. The subject is too obscure, and the detail too vast. Until the student has fitted himself to appreciate [1140] the symbolic, or hieroglyphic writings of the adepts, 22 it is impossible for him to grasp the matter. Much of the teaching on this matter is found in records in the department of the Manu, as it concerns primarily the initial stages of form building. It might be said that the appearance of any life in manifestation is due to primary activity on the part of some Entity, which activity is largely the expression of the first Ray. This concerns the periodical manifestation of the life or lives of any round just as it concerns also the ephemeral existence of a dragon fly; it deals with the form through which what we call a race is evolving and concerns itself with the tiny life of an individual in that race. The same laws govern all, though the response to the law may be relative and in degree. This law has the generic name of the "Law of Cycles," and is expressed in terms of time; [1141] but the secret to the cycles may not as yet be given as it would convey to the intuitive too much dangerous information. It is the knowledge of this law as it concerns rounds, races, subraces, groups (involutionary and evolutionary) and individuals (human and superhuman) which enables the Lords of Karma, and the Adepts of the good Law, to manipulate force or energy, and so carry all that is, on to its triumphant conclusion. In connection with this, students may get much light on this difficult question of force if they bear in mind that every form in every kingdom on the downward, and the upward arc, is in itself a negative force impelled into activity by a positive force and demonstrating as a combination of the two. The distinctions are demonstrated in the fact that some forms are negative-positive, others positive-negative, whilst still others are at the point of equilibrium. This includes all the intermediate stages. The Builders of the cosmos work under cyclic law consciously, and utilize the aggregate of these forces in any kingdom, any group or any unit to bring about the consummation of the plan.

22 Symbols.

"In a symbol lies concealment or revelation." - Carlyle.

  1. Symbols are intended for:
    1. The little evolved. They teach great truths in simple form.
    2. The bulk of humanity. They preserve truth intact and embody cosmic facts.
    3. The pupils of the Masters. They develop intuition.
  2. Symbolic books in the Master's archives used for instruction. These books are interpreted:
    1. By their color.
    2. By their position, i.e. above, on and beneath a line.
    3. By their connection with each other.
    4. By their key. One page may be read four ways:
      1. From above downwards - involution.
      2. From beneath upwards - evolution.
      3. Right to left - greater cycles, etc.
      4. Left to right - lesser cycles.
  3. The three keys:
    1. Cosmic interpretation. The symbols standing for cosmic facts. i.e., Darkness. Light. The cross. The triangle.
    2. Systemic interpretation. Dealing with evolution of system and all therein.
    3. Human interpretation. Dealing with man himself. The cross of humanity. Seven-branched candlestick.
  4. Four kinds of symbols:
    1. Symbols of extraneous objects - physical plane things.
    2. Symbols of emotional nature - astral plane things; pictures.
    3. Numerical symbolism - lower mental. Man used himself to count by.
    4. Geometrical symbolism - abstract symbolism, higher mental.
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