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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
Some idea of the complexity governing the periodical manifestation of a human being may be gathered by a consideration of the forces which bring human units into manifestation, which produce individualization; this is, after all, the appearing of a third stream of energy in conjunction with two others. A man is the meeting ground of three streams of force, one or other preponderating according to his peculiar type.

Let us briefly enumerate these factors and thus get some idea as to the complexity of the matter:

  • The first and paramount factor is the ray upon which a particular human unit is found. This means, that there are seven specialized force streams, each with its peculiar quality, type and rhythm. The matter is further complicated by the fact that though the Ray of the Monad is its [1146] main qualifying factor, yet two subsidiary Rays, those of the Ego and of the personality, have likewise to be considered.
  • Secondly, it must be borne in mind that the human units now upon this planet fall naturally into two great groups - those who reached individualization, or became "units of self-directing energy," upon the moon, and those who attained self-consciousness upon the earth. There are important distinctions between these two groups, for the units of the moon chain are distinguished, not only by a more advanced development, owing to the longer period of their evolution, but also by the quality of great and intelligent activity, for (as might be expected) on the third or moon chain, the third Ray was a dominant factor. In this fourth chain, the quaternary dominates, or the synthesis of the three so as to produce a fourth, and this is one reason for the intensely material nature of those who entered the human kingdom on this planet. The distinctions between the two groups are very great, and one of the mysteries lying behind the main divisions of humanity - rulers and the ruled, capitalists and laborers, the governed and those who govern - is found right here. No system of sociological reform will be successfully worked out without a due consideration of this important fact. Other distinguishing features might be enumerated but would only serve at this stage to complicate the matter.
  • A third factor differentiating the groups of human units who reached self-consciousness on our planet is hidden in the methods employed by the Lords of the Flame at that time. They, we are told, employed three methods.
    • First, They themselves took bodies and thus energized certain of the higher forms of the animal kingdom, so that they appeared as man, and thus initiated a particular group. Their descendants can be seen in the highest [1147] specimens of the earth humanity now on earth. They are not even now, however, as far advanced as the groups of units from the moon chain who came in in Atlantean days. Their heredity is peculiar.
    • They implanted a germ of mind in the secondary group of animal-men who were ready for individualization. This group, for a long time, was unable to express itself, and was most carefully nurtured by the Lords of Flame, nearly proving a failure. By the time, however, that the last subrace of the Lemurian root race was at its height it suddenly came into the forefront of the then civilization, and justified hierarchical effort.
    • Thirdly, They fostered the germ of instinct in certain groups of animal-men until it flowered into mind. It must never be forgotten that men have within themselves (apart from any extraneous fostering) the ability to arrive, and to achieve full self-consciousness.

These three methods bring us to the fourth factor which must be remembered, that of the three modes of motion which powerfully affect the incarnating jivas.

The Sons of Mind are distinguished by the three qualities of matter as has been earlier brought out, and they have been generically called:

  1. The Sons of sattvic rhythm,
  2. The Sons of mobility,
  3. The Sons of inertia.

These qualities are the characteristics of the three major Rays, and of the three Persons of the Godhead; they are the qualities of consciousness - material, intelligent, and divine. They are the predominating characteristics of the chains of which our earth is one.

Earth Planetary Scheme

  • First Chain - Archetypal.
  • Second Chain - Sattvic Rhythm. [1148]
  • Third Chain - Mobility.
  • Fourth Chain - Inertia.
  • Fifth Chain - Mobility.
  • Sixth Chain - Sattvic Rhythm.
  • Seventh Chain - Perfection.

The factors which we have considered as affecting the different incarnating units have a vital effect on their cyclic evolution, and the ray and the three main types produce varying periodic appearance. Certain statements have been made in occult books as to the length of time varying between incarnations. Such statements are in the main inaccurate, for they make no allowance for Ray difference, and permit of no calculations as to whether the human unit involved is a unit of inertia, a sattvic point, or a rajasic entity. No hard and fast rule can be laid down at this time for the general public, though such rules exist, and are governed by seven different formulas for the three main types. Within this sevenfold differentiation, exist many lesser, and the wise student refrains from dogmatic assertion on this most peculiar and difficult subject. The fringe of the matter has but been touched upon here. It should be remembered that in the earlier stages of incarnation, the unit is governed mainly by group appearance, and comes into incarnation with his group.

As time progresses and his own will or purpose becomes more distinctive, he will at times force himself into manifestation independently of his group, as will other group units, and this leads to an apparent confusion which is detrimental to the surface calculations of the superficial student. When this is the case, the particular unit concerned has his record transferred into another file in the hierarchical archives, and becomes what is occultly termed "a self directed point of fire." He is then strongly individualized, entirely self-engrossed, free of [1149] all group sense, except the earthly affiliations to which he adheres from the instinct of self-protection and personal well-being. In this stage he remains for a vast period of time, and has before him the mastering of a later stage in which he returns to the earlier group recognition on a higher turn of the spiral.

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