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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction
5. The Law of Radiation. This is one of the most interesting of the laws for it only comes into activity in connection with the highest specimens of the various kingdoms, and concerns itself with the attraction that a higher kingdom of nature will have for the highest lives of the next lower kingdom. It governs the radioactivity of minerals, the radiations of the vegetable kingdom and (curiously enough) the entire question of perfumes. Smell is the highest of the purely physical senses; so in the vegetable kingdom a certain series of perfumes are evidence of radiation in that kingdom.

There is, moreover, an interesting link between those who are members of the fifth kingdom (the spiritual) and the vegetable, for in esotericism the two and the five, the Son, and the Sons of Mind, are closely allied. It is not possible to indicate more, but it is not without significance that certain Rays are, through the initiates and Masters, represented by vegetable perfumes. It signifies radiation, and to those who have the key reveals the quality of the egoic lotus and the place it holds in any particular planetary lotus, as well as a connection with certain devas who are the sevenfold life of the vegetable kingdom. We must not forget that man is occultly a "seven-leaved plant, the saptaparna." (S. D., I, 251; II, 625.)

This law in a mysterious manner, inexplicable to those ignorant of the karma of our planetary Logos, is not operative in the animal kingdom during this Cycle or chain. One of the problems of the next chain will be the bringing in of animal radiation; thus offsetting the method of initiation now pursued. It must never be forgotten that the chain process of individualization, and the earlier three Initiations concern the animal kingdom and man is viewed therein as an animal. In the final Initiation or the offering up of the entire bodily nature, [1171] this part of the general karma of the planetary Logos and the Life of the informing Spirit of the animal kingdom become adjusted. If this is meditated upon, some light may be thrown upon the problem as to why the Adepts of the left hand path in Atlantean days were called "the Trees," (S. D., II, 519, 520, 521.) and were destroyed with the entire Atlantean vegetation. In the oldest of all the Commentaries the mystery is expressed thus:

"They (the Adepts of the Left Hand Path) became thus separated through their own fault. Their smell rose not up to Heaven; they refused to merge. No perfume was theirs. They hugged to their greedy bosoms all the gains of the flowering plant."

6. The Law of the Lotus. This is the name given to the mysterious influence from the cosmic Law of Attraction which brought in the divine Sons of Mind, and thus linked the two poles of Spirit and matter, producing upon the plane of mind that which we call the egoic lotus, or "the Flower of the Self." It is the law which enables the lotus to draw from the lower nature (the matter aspect and the water aspect) the moisture and heat necessary for its unfoldment, and to bring down from the levels of the Spirit that which is to it what the rays of the sun are to the vegetable kingdom. It governs the process of petal unfoldment, and therefore itself demonstrates as a triple law:

  1. The Law of Solar Heat - Knowledge petals.
  2. The Law of Solar Light - Love petals.
  3. The Law of Solar Fire - Sacrifice petals.

7. The Law of Color. To get any comprehension of this law students should remember that color serves a twofold purpose. It acts as a veil for that which lies behind, and is therefore [1172] attracted to the central spark; it demonstrates the attractive quality of the central life.

All colors, therefore, are centers of attraction, are complementary, or are antipathetic to each other, and students who study along these lines can find out the law, and comprehend its working through a realization of the purpose, the activity, and the relation of colors to or for each other.

8. The Law of Gravitation. This law is for the non-occult student the most puzzling and confusing of all the laws. It shows itself in one aspect as the power, and the stronger urge that a more vital life may have upon the lesser, such as the power of the spirit of the Earth (the planetary Entity, not the planetary Logos) to hold all physical forms to itself and prevent their "scattering." This is due to the heavier vibration, the greater accumulative force, and the aggregated tamasic lives of the body of the planetary Entity. This force works upon the negative, or lowest, aspect of all physical forms. The Law of Gravitation shows itself also in the response of the soul of all things to the greater Soul in which the lesser finds itself. This law, therefore, affects the two lowest forms of divine life, but not the highest. It emanates in the first instance from the physical sun and the heart of the Sun. The final synthesizing forces which might be regarded as forms of spiritual gravitational activity are, nevertheless, not so, but are due to the working of another law, emanating from the central spiritual Sun. The one is purely systemic, the other a cosmic law.

9. The Law of Planetary Affinity. This term is used in the occult teaching specifically in connection with the interaction of the planets with each other and their eventual marriage. As we know, the planetary schemes (the seven sacred planets) will eventually synthesize, or absorb the life of the planets which are not termed sacred and the numerous planetoids, as far as the four kingdoms [1173] of nature are concerned. The absorption of the Spirit aspect proceeds under the Law of Synthesis. The minor four planetary schemes become first the two, and then the one. This one, with the major three, forms a second and higher quaternary which again repeats the process, producing from the four, the two, and from the two, the one. This final one is eventually merged in the Sun, producing in this prolonged process, and over a vast period of time, the appearance of the "seven Suns who run together, and thus blaze forth, producing one flaming ball of fire."

On a lesser scale the same law governs the merging of the chains in a scheme.

10. The Law of Solar Union. When the interplay of the Suns is being dealt with from the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, this term is occultly used. It is not possible to enlarge upon it, but only to point out the universality of this Law of Attraction.

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