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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division A - Certain Basic Statements
Solar and Planetary Hierarchies
This diagram is an outline of a portion of the Hierarchy at the present moment (1925), and gives only the outstanding Figures, in connection with human evolution. A similar diagram from the standpoint of the deva evolution would be differently arranged.

Key to Diagram of Solar and Planetary Hierarchies


The Solar Logos.
The Solar Trinity or Logoi
I. The Father - Will.
II. The Son - Love-Wisdom.
III. The Holy Spirit - Active Intelligence.
The Seven Rays
Three Rays of Aspect.
Four Rays of Attribute.

I. Will or Power II. Love-Wisdom III. Active Intelligence.
4. Harmony or Beauty.
5. Concrete Knowledge.
6. Devotion or Idealism.
7. Ceremonial Magic.



S. Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World.
(The Ancient of Days. The One Initiator.)
The Three Kumaras.
(The Buddhas of Activity.)
1   2   3
The reflections of the 3 major and 4 minor Rays.
The 3 Departmental Heads.

I. The Will Aspect

A. The Manu.

b. Master Jupiter.
c. Master M.

II. The Love-Wisdom Aspect.

B. The Bodhisattva.
(The Christ. The World Teacher.)

b. A European Master.
c. Master K.H.
d. Master D.K.

III. Active Intelligence.

C. The Mahachohan.
(Lord of Civilization)

c. The Venetian Master.

4. The Master Serapis.
5. Master Hilarion.
6. Master Jesus.
7. Master R.

Four grades of initiates.
Various grades of disciples.
People on the Probationary Path.
Average humanity of all degrees.

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