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A Treatise on White Magic - Introductory Remarks
The soul therefore may be regarded as the unified sentiency and the relative awareness of that which lies back of the form of a planet and of a solar system. These latter are the sum total of all forms, organic or inorganic, as the materialist differentiates them. The soul, though constituting one great total, is, however, limited in its expression by the nature and quality of the form in which it is found and there are consequently forms which are highly responsive to and expressive of the soul, and others which - owing to their density and the quality of the atoms of which they are composed - are incapable of recognizing the higher aspects of the soul or of expressing more than its lower vibration, tone or color. The infinitely small is recognized, the infinitely vast is assumed; but it remains as yet a concept until such time as the consciousness of man is inclusive, as well as exclusive. This concept will be understood when the second aspect is contacted and men understand the nature of the soul. It must be also remembered that just as the basic triplicity of manifestation worked out symbolically in man as his quota of energy (physical energy), his nervous system and the body mass, so the soul can also be known as a triplicity, the higher correspondences of the lower.

There is first of all what might be called the spiritual will, - that quota of the universal will which any one soul can express, and which is adequate for the purpose of enabling the spiritual man to cooperate in the plan and purpose of the great life in which he has his being. There is also the second soul quality which is spiritual love, the quality of group consciousness, of inclusiveness, of mediatorship, of attraction and of unification. This is the paramount soul characteristic, for only the soul has [40] it as the dynamic factor. The spirit, or monad is primarily the expression of will with love and intelligence as secondary principles, and the body nature, the personality, is paramountly distinguished by intelligence, but the soul has outstandingly the quality of love which demonstrates as wisdom also when the intelligence of the body nature is fused with the love of the soul. The following tabulation may make the thought clearer.

Monad - Will - Purpose

  • 1st Aspect - Will, enabling the Monad to participate in the universal purpose.
  • 2nd Aspect - Love, the energy which is poured forth into the soul, making it what it is.
  • 3rd Aspect - Intelligence, transmitted via the soul and brought into manifestation through the medium of the body.

Soul - Love - the Method

  • 1st Aspect - Will, held in abeyance but expressing itself through the mind aspect of the personality and through Kundalini, which when aroused correctly makes possible the final initiations into the consciousness of the Monad.
  • 2nd Aspect - Love, the dominating force of the soul life; through this possession and this type of energy, the soul can be en rapport with all souls. Through the emotional body, the soul can be in touch with all animal or subhuman souls, through its work on its own plane, with the meditating souls of all men; and through the principle of buddhi, with the second aspect of the Monad.
  • 3rd Aspect - Knowledge. This aspect is brought into touch with the intelligence of all cells in the threefold body mechanism.

By a close study of the above it becomes apparent in what way the soul acts as the mediator between the monad and the personality.

The personality hides within itself, as a casket hides [41] the jewel, that point of soul light which we call the light in the head. This is found within the brain, and is only discovered and later used when the highest aspect of the personality, the mind, is developed and functioning. Then the union with the soul is made and the soul functions through the lower personal nature.

The soul hides within itself, as the "jewel in the lotus," that faculty of dynamic energy which is the manifested attribute of the monad, the will. When the soul has unfolded all its powers and has learnt to include within its consciousness all that is connoted by the "myriad forms that Being takes," then in turn a higher or more inclusive state becomes possible and soul life is superseded by monadic life. This involves an ability to know, to love, and to participate in the plans of a life which has the power to include within its radius of consciousness not only the sum total of the lives and consciousness of the life of the Logos of our planet, but all the lives and consciousness within our solar system. The nature of this awareness is only possible of comprehension by the man who has arrived at soul-knowledge. The great need at this time is for experts in the life of the soul and for a group of men and women who, undertaking the great experiment and transition, add their testimony to the truth of the statements of the mystics and occultists of the ages.

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