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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule One - Some Basic Assumptions
In studying Rule I we could summarize it simply yet profoundly under the following words:
  1. Egoic Communication.
  2. Cyclic Meditation.
  3. Coordination, or At-one-ment.

The rules start off in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire with a brief summary of the process and a statement as to the nature of the white magician. [57]

I would like in this first consideration of our subject to enumerate briefly the facts given in the commentary so as to demonstrate to the aspirant how much is given him for his consideration and helping if he knows how to read and ponder upon that which he reads. The brief exegesis of Rule I gives the following statements.

  1. The white magician is one who is in touch with his soul.
  2. He is receptive to and aware of the purpose and the plan of his soul.
  3. He is capable of receiving impressions from the realm of spirit and of registering them in his physical brain.
  4. It is stated also that white magic
    1. Works from above downwards.
    2. Is the result of solar vibration, and therefore of egoic energy.
    3. Is not an effect of the vibration of the form side of life, being divorced from emotion and mental impulse.
  5. The downflow of energy from the soul is the result of
    1. Constant internal recollectedness,
    2. Concentrated one-pointed communication by the soul with the mind and the brain.
    3. Steady meditation upon the plan of evolution.
  6. The soul is, therefore, in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physical incarnation, which is all that concerns the student here.
  7. This meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in nature as is all else in the cosmos. The soul breathes and its form lives thereby.
  8. When the communication between the soul and its instrument is conscious and steady, the man becomes a white magician.
  9. Therefore workers in white magic are invariably, and through the very nature of things, advanced human beings, for it takes many cycles of lives to train a magician.
  10. The soul dominates its form through the medium of the sutratma or life thread, and (through it) vitalizes its triple instrument (mental, emotional and physical) and thus sets up a communication with the [58] brain. Through the brain, consciously controlled, the man is galvanized into intelligent activity on the physical plane.
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