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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Two - The Overcoming of the Hindrances
The Overcoming of the Hindrances

Certain paramount realizations must precede this work of removing hindrances, and they might be enumerated as follows:

  1. A realization that in obedience to the next duty and [85] adherence to the highest known form of truth lies the path of further revelation.
  2. A realization that dispassion is the great thing to cultivate, and that a willingness to undergo joyously any amount of temporary inconvenience, pain or agony, must be developed, having in view the future glory which will blot out the clouds of the passing hour.
  3. A realization that synthesis is the method whereby comprehension is attained, and that, by blending the pairs of opposites, the middle path is gained that leads straight to the heart of the citadel.

With these three things paramountly controlling his views on life, the student may hope, by strenuous endeavor, to overcome the four hindrances which we have touched upon.

In taking up our consideration of the second Rule we will deal first with the relation of the soul to the personality, primarily from the standpoint of meditation. We are dealing therefore with "the greater light" and will take up later the "throwing upward of the lower light". This is in line also with the law of occult knowledge that one begins with universals.

It should be borne in mind that these rules are only for those whose personality is coordinated and whose minds are gradually being brought under control. The man therefore is utilizing the lower mind, the reasoning mind, whilst the soul is utilizing the higher or abstract mind. Both units are working with two aspects of the universal principle of mind, and on this ground their relation becomes possible. The man's work with his mind is to render it negative and receptive to the soul, and this is his positive occupation (note the use here of the word "positive" in the attempt to make the mind receptive, for herein lies the clue to right action). The soul's work in [86] meditation is to make the point of that meditation so positive that the lower mind can be impressed, and so the lower man can be brought into line with the Eternal Plan.

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