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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light

The Energy circulates. The point of light, the product of the labors of the four, waxeth and growth. The myriads gather round its glowing warmth until its light recedes. Its fire grows dim. Then shall the second sound go forth.

Soul Light and Body Light

In these Rules for Magic, the laws of creative work are embodied and the means whereby man can function as an incarnated soul. They do not deal primarily with the rules governing man's development. Incidentally, of course, much may be learnt in this connection, for man grows through creative work and understanding, but this is not the primary objective of the teaching.

Through the gradually growing synthesis of the meditation process carried on by the soul on its own plane and that of the aspirant the man manifests (in the physical brain) a point of light which has been occultly lighted on the plane of the mind. Light ever signifies two things, energy and its manifestation in form of some kind, for light and matter are synonymous terms. The thought of the man and the idea of the soul have found a point of rapport, and the germ of a thought form has come into being. This thought form, when completed, will embody as much of the great plan (on which the Hierarchy is working) as the man can vision, grasp, and embody on the mental plane. This, in the early stages of a man's aspiration, in his first steps along the Path of Discipleship, and for the first two initiations, is covered by the word "Service". He grasps, gropingly at first, the idea of the unity of the Life, and its manifestation as the Brotherhood existing between all forms of that divine Life. This subjective ideal gradually leads to an appreciation of the way in which this essential relationship can work out practically. This can be seen finding its expression in the great humanitarian efforts, in the [94] organizations for the relief of human and animal suffering, and in world wide efforts for the betterment of the internal relations of nations, religions and groups.

Enough human units have now contacted the hierarchical plan so that it may be safely concluded that the collective brain of the human family (that entity which we call the fourth Kingdom of Nature) is susceptible to the vision, and has fashioned its lighted form on the mental plane. Later, the thought of service and of self will be found inadequate, and a more suitable form of expression will be found, but this suffices for the present.

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