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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Soul Light and Body Light
3. The period wherein he sounds the Sacred Word and - blending it with the voice of the Ego or Soul - sets in motion mental matter for the building of his thought form. It is the man on the physical plane who now sounds the Word, and he does it in four ways: [97]
  1. He becomes the Word incarnated, and endeavors "to be what he is."
  2. He sounds the Word within himself, seeking to do it as the soul. He visualizes himself as the soul breathing out energy through the medium of that Word through the entire system which his soul animates - his mental, emotional, vital, and physical instruments.
  3. He sounds the Word literally on the physical plane, thus affecting the three grades of matter in his environment. All the time that he is thus occupied he is "holding the mind steady in the light", and is keeping his consciousness immovably in the realm of the soul.
  4. Also he carries forward (and this is the most difficult stage) a paralleling activity of a steady visualization of the thought form through which he hopes to express that aspect of the plan which he has contacted, and which he hopes to bring into active being through his own life and in his own environment.

This is only truly possible when a steady rapport has been established between the soul and the brain. The process involves the capacity of the brain to register what the soul is visioning and becoming aware of in the Kingdom of the Soul. It involves also a paralleling activity in the mind, for the aspirant must interpret the vision and utilize the concrete intelligent faculty for the wise adaptation of time and of form to the true expression of that which has been learnt. This is by no means an easy thing to do, but the aspirant has eventually to learn to express himself in full consciousness in more than one way and that simultaneously. He begins to learn a triple activity in this manner. This the Old Commentary expresses as follows: [98]

The Solar Orb shines forth in radiant splendor. The illuminated mind reflects the solar glory. The lunar orb rises from the center to the summit, and is transformed into a radiant sun of light. When these three suns are one, Brahma breaks forth. A lighted world is born.

This literally means that when the soul (symbolized as the Solar Orb) the mind, and the light in the head form one unit, the creative power of the solar Angel can express itself in the three worlds, and can construct a form through which its energy can actively express itself. The lunar orb is a symbolic way of expressing the solar plexus which eventually must do two things:

  1. Blend and fuse the energies of the lower two centers of force, and
  2. Raise these fused energies and so, blending with the energies of the other and higher centers, reach the head.

All the above embodies a teaching and a theory. This, has to be wrought out in the practical experiment and experience and conscious activity of the aspirant.

I would like also to point out the nature of the service humanity as a whole is rendering in the general plan of evolution. The rule under our consideration applies not only to the individual man but to the predestined activity of the fourth Kingdom in Nature. Through his meditation, discipline and service, man fans into radiant light, illuminating the three worlds, that point of light which flickered into being at the time of his individualization in past ages. This finds its reflection in the light in the head. Thus a rapport is set up, which permits not only of vibratory synchronization but of a radiation and display of magnetic force, permitting of its recognition in the three worlds of a man's immediate environment.

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