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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound
Four words stand forth as one considers Rule IV. First, sound, the formula, or word of power which the soul communicates and so starts the work. This word is dual. It is sounded forth on the note to which the soul responds, his own peculiar note, blended with that of his personality. This chord of two notes is the producer of the resulting effects, and is more important than the set phrase composing the word of power.

Herein lies the problem - to sound these two notes synchronously and with the mind focused. Herein lies a clue to the significance of the AUM or 0M. In the early stages of meditation work, the word is sounded audibly, whilst later it is sounded inaudibly. This training in the sound of the AUM is an unconscious preparation for the dual work of spiritual creation; and facility comes as the attentive aspirant accustoms himself to hear within his brain the soundless sound of OM.

I would suggest here, that students accustom themselves to work in this manner, sounding the word audibly and with much frequency at the close of the morning meditation, but emphasizing in the early part that close attention to the inaudible hearing which will develop the sensitivity of the inner ear, the etheric ear. Later, when the personal note or sound is established and the inner sound is sensed, there can be definite practice in blending the two. This entails the closest attention and the power to perform two activities simultaneously, with the mental attitude of attention to both.

Students whose aspiration is keen and clear would do well to face the issue where the magical work is concerned, and study their aptitude in meditation and their willingness to proceed with stability and caution with the needed discipline. To facilitate this I would suggest [128] that any who are deeply concerned in the work should study and answer the following questions in the light of their souls, and to their higher selves make reply.

  1. Do you feel you have reached the stage wherein you can:
    1. Eliminate the meditation form as you now have it.
    2. Enter with relative facility into the state of contemplation.
    3. Recognize the vibration of your own soul.
  2. Does the Sacred Word mean anything to you, and could you formulate clearly the reason you sound it?
  3. Are you anxious to proceed in this work because your personality aspires, or because your soul is beginning consciously to utilize its mechanism?

In connection with this last question, a close analysis is called for, and I conjure you to speak truth to yourself and thus clearly ascertain the true position. This question lies between a man's soul and himself.

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