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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound
Several things are apparent at this juncture to the careful thoughtful student of men and of motives.

First: That idealism and the sensing of the plan for humanity have a close relationship. Idealism is analogous to the thought that precedes creation. The capacity for abstract thought and for concentration on the ideal is only now in process of development, for this capacity involves the utilization of certain atoms, the employment of matter of the higher subplanes and the ability to synchronize one's vibrations with the Great Ones. Only a few people in the race are true idealists (though their numbers are increasing); the small minority only, employ the concrete mind; while the masses are swayed entirely by the emotions. The time is coming when the intuitional body (the buddhic vehicle) will be organized, utilizing the higher spiritual mind as its medium. When that organization is completed the lower concrete mind will be nothing but a transmitter or an interpreter. Even abstract or concrete thought will be superseded, and we shall have simply the inflow of the intuition, taking form through the medium of the mind stuff. We shall, therefore, have the apprehension of much that is now incomprehensible to our lower plane vision. [131]

In all great movements you have some thought or aggregation of thoughts cast into the minds of the so-called idealists by the Great White Brotherhood. The idea is sounded forth by Them. They choose a man or a group of men and cast into their minds some idea. There it germinates and is embodied by them in other thoughts, not so pure or so wise but necessarily colored by the individuality of the thinker. These thought-forms are, in their turn, picked up by the concrete thinkers of the world who - grasping the main outline of the idea - crystallize it and build it into more definite shape, into one more easily apprehended by the general public. It has therefore now reached the lower levels of the mental plane, and a further development becomes possible. It is then seized upon as desirable by those who are focused upon the astral plane; to them it makes an emotional appeal, becoming public opinion. It is now practically ready to take shape upon the physical plane, and we have the practical adaptation of an ideal to the needs of the physical life. It has been stepped down; it has lost much of its original beauty; it is not as pure and as lovely as when first conceived, and it is distorted from its original shape but it is, nevertheless, more adapted to public use and can be employed as a stepping-stone to higher things.

Secondly: In this sensing of the plan and its later materialization, human units are involved and men have perforce to be employed. A vision is given of tremendous possibilities and indications are also granted of the manner in which these possibilities may become facts, but beyond that the Great Ones do not go. The detail and the method of concretizing the ideal and the necessary work is left to the sons of men. To the disciple who is an organizer and transmitter of the Plan falls the work of filling in the details and of taking the necessary action. At this point it is wise for him to remember that be comes (with his little plans) under the same law as do the Great [132] Ones in Their large endeavors, and that it is in his dealings with people and his manipulation of the human equation that the difficulties arise.

Units for work fall into three groups:

  1. Those who can sense the plan and are commissioned to work it out.
  2. Those who can be used but who are blind to the greater issues.
  3. Those who can sense nothing except those things which concern their own selfish interests.

The first group the Masters can contact. They work with these units of the human family and expect fair promise of average success. These both hear the sound, and vision the Plan. The second group have to be utilized as best may be, by the disciples of the world. The final group are frequently to be offset from the energy standpoint, and only used when necessary.

One of the primary conditions that a disciple has to cultivate, in order to sense the plan and be used by the Master, is solitude. In solitude the rose of the soul flourishes; in solitude the divine self can speak; in solitude the faculties and the graces of the higher self can take root and blossom in the personality. In solitude also the Master can approach and impress upon the quiescent soul the knowledge that He seeks to impart, the lesson that must be learnt, the method and plan for work that the disciple must grasp. In solitude the sound is heard. The Great Ones have to work through human instruments and the plan and the vision are much handicapped by failure on the part of these instruments.

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