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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound
Fifth: Certain dangers which aspirants must watch as they seek to be of use should here be mentioned:
  • They must guard against over-emphasizing one aspect at the expense of another part of the plan or vision.
  • They must avoid unequal concentration of thought [135] upon that part of the plan which appeals the most to them personally.
  • They must recognize the inability of the workers to continue to bring through the plans and to work together peacefully and steadily. Friction is oft unavoidable.
  • They must watch for the creeping in of self-interest and of ambition.
  • They must guard against fatigue, due to long effort in materializing the plan and the strain incident upon high endeavor.
  • They must develop the capacity to recognize those who are sent to help them in the work.
  • They must above all watch against failure to keep in touch with the higher self and with the Master.

Another point that has to be remembered is that the problem to be solved by all who are seeking to cooperate with the Great White Lodge has four objects in view.

First, that in the working out of the plan there is also the working out of karma. This karma is not merely individual nor purely national, but is part of the total working out of world karma.

Second. Another object is the preparing of an instrument for service in the inauguration of the New Age during the next two hundred years. The integration of a group of knowers and of mystics is going on steadily in all parts of the world and in all organizations. One group is being gathered but its members belong to many groups. To this group of knowers and mystics is given the opportunity of being the channel through which the Hierarchy can work, and through which the Great Ones can send Their illuminating thought. Through it also they can work for the uplift (in the occult sense) of humanity and thus aid evolution on every plane. According to the response of disciples, of mystics and of knowers everywhere, so will be the rapid coming in of the New Age. [136]

I here seek to sound a word of warning: In the failure to respond, in the failure to adjust, construct and refine, in the failure to turn the inner ear to those voices on the subtler planes which utter "the Words of Reconstruction" may come the ultimate transference of the forces of reconstruction to other channels, the consequent withholding of opportunities and the ultimate discarding of the instrumentality of the group as a medium of service. I would like to emphasize the statement anent "the words of Reconstruction," begging all of you who earnestly desire to hear these words to study the Introduction to the book, Light on the Path. Let it be remembered that if the Great Ones have to change Their plans as to this integrating group of mystics, it will be changed by the mystics themselves - viewed as a group.

The third objective is the development of the intuition and discrimination of the disciples in the world, and their ability to sense the higher vision and to achieve at the cost of the lower, the consciousness of that higher plane. They will have to remember that the lower objective, owing to its proximity, will loom in many ways more attractive, and can only be transcended at infinite cost. Intuition must be developed in many people, and their sense of values adequately adjusted before this group, which must inaugurate the New Age, can measure up to the requirements.

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