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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound
We have touched upon two words of significance in the fourth Rule, - sound and light, - and one paramount idea emerges. The soul is to be known as light, as the [146] revealer, whilst the Spirit aspect will later be recognized as sound. Complete light and illumination is the right of the disciple who attains to the third initiation, whilst the true comprehension of the sound, of the triple AUM, the synthesizing factor in manifestation appears only to the one who stands master of the three worlds.

The word vibration must next engage our attention but it may not be dissociated from the next word in the sequence form. Vibration, the effect of divine activity, is two-fold. There is the first effect in which the vibration (issuing from the realm of subjectivity in response to sound and light) produces response in matter, and therefore attracts or calls together the atoms out of which molecules, cells, organisms and finally the integrated form can be built. This effected, the aspect of vibration is to be noted as a duality.

The form, through the medium of the five senses, becomes aware of the vibratory aspect of all forms in the environment wherein it, itself, is a functioning entity. Later, in time and space, that functioning form becomes increasingly aware of its own interior vibration, and by tracing back that vibration to its originating source becomes aware of the Self, and later of the Kingdom of the Self. Humanity as a whole is aware of its environment and, through the information conveyed by the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, the phenomenal world, the outer garment of God, is known, and communication between the Self and what we call the natural world is set up. As the mind appropriates and synthesizes this knowledge, the dweller in the form passes through the following stages:

  1. Vibration is registered, and the environment has its effect upon the form.
  2. This effect is noted, but not understood. The man, under the slow and steady impact of this vibratory [147] effect, slowly awakens to consciousness or awareness.
  3. The environment begins to interest the man and he regards it as desirable. Steadily the attraction of the three worlds grows and holds the man in reiterated incarnation. (The word "reiterated" is literally and more academically correct than the word "repeated." Each of us is really a reiterated word, sounding in time and space.)
  4. Later, when the vibration of the environing forms of the natural world becomes monotonous through constant impact over many lives, the man begins to turn a deaf ear and an unseeing eye upon the familiar phenomenal world of desire. He becomes insensitive to its vibratory impact and increasingly aware of the vibration of the Self.
  5. Later, on the Path of Probation and of Discipleship, this subtler vibratory activity exerts an increasing allure. The outer world ceases to attract. The inner world of the Self assumes paramount place in the desire nature.
  6. Little by little, using the language of modern psychology, within the outer form, which is the response apparatus for the process of becoming aware of the phenomenal world, the disciple builds a new subtler response apparatus whereby the subjective worlds can be known.

When this stage is reached there ensues a steady turning away from vibratory contact with the outer worlds of form, and an atrophying of desire in that direction. All seems arid and undesirable, and all fails to satisfy the ardent and aspiring soul. The difficult process of reorientation toward a new world, a new state of being and a new condition of awareness is set up, and because the inner subtle response apparatus is only in an [148] embryonic condition there is a devastating sense of loss, a groping in the dark, and a period of spiritual wrestling and exploration that tests the endurance and steadfastness of purpose of the aspirant to the very limits.

But (and this is the encouraging point to be remembered) all "proceedeth under the law and naught can hinder now the work from going forward." Note these words in Rule IV. There comes a stage when a man is verily and indeed "founded on the rock," and though he may experience the alternation of light and shade, though the waves of the purifying waters may roll over him, and threaten to sweep him off his feet, and though he may feel himself deaf and dumb and blind, naught can ultimately defeat the purpose of the soul. All that is lacking is the developed spiritual body which is equipped to respond to the vibration of the inner spiritual world. It exists in embryo, and the secret of its use lies in the attitude of the brain to the functions of the etheric body, as it exists as an intermediary between the brain, nervous system and the mind, or between the soul, mind and the brain. This cannot be elaborated here but the hint can be given for the reflection of the keen aspirant.

We have therefore the following stages dealt with in Rule IV and pointed out with lucid clarity, yet with that parsimony of phrase which distinguishes all occult and symbolic writings:

  1. The integration of the form, as the result of the activity of the soul, through the use of
    1. Sound,
    2. Light,
    3. Vibration.
  2. The development of a response apparatus for use in the phenomenal world.
  3. The eventual turning away from the phenomenal world, as the result of use and consequent satiety, [149] and the gradual use of the subtler response apparatus.
  4. The response apparatus of the soul - mind, etheric body, brain and nervous system - is reoriented, and the man becomes aware of the kingdom of the soul, another kingdom in nature.
  5. The turning away from the kingdom of the world to the kingdom of the soul becomes an esoteric habit, and in this thought lies hid the secret of esoteric psychology. The man is stabilized in the spiritual life. Naught can now hinder.
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