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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms
  1. The stage wherein a disciple is contacted by the Master through another chela on the physical plane. This is the stage of "Little Chelaship". [173]
  2. The stage wherein a higher disciple directs the chela from the egoic level. This is the stage called a "Chela in the Light".
  3. The stage wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through:
    1. A vivid dream experience.
    2. A symbolic teaching.
    3. A using of a thought form of the Master.
    4. A contact in meditation.
    5. A definite, remembered interview in the Master's Ashram.

    This is definitely the stage of Accepted Disciple.

  4. The stage wherein, having shown his wisdom in work, and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the disciple is taught how (in emergencies) to attract the Master's attention and thus draw on His strength and knowledge and advice. This is an instantaneous happening, and practically takes none of the Master's time. This stage has the peculiar name of "a chela on the Thread, or Sutratma."
  5. The stage wherein he is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up a vibration and a call which will entitle him to an interview with the Master. This is only permitted to those trusted chelas who can be depended upon not to use the knowledge for anything except the need of the work; no personality reason or distress would prompt them to use it. At this stage the disciple is called "one within the aura."
  6. The stage wherein the disciple can get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein a chela is being definitely prepared for an immediate initiation or, having taken initiation, is being given specialized work to do in collaboration with his - . At this stage he is described as "one within his Master's heart." [174]

There is a later stage of a still closer identification, where there is a blending of the Lights, but there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to cover the name. The six stages above mentioned have been paraphrased for occidental understanding and must in no way be considered as translations of the ancient terms.

Such are some of the teachings concerning disciples and their recognitions and it is valuable for aspirants to ponder them. It should be realized that though good character, high ethics, sound morality and spiritual aspiration are basic and unalterable requirements, yet more is needed if the right to enter the Master's Ashram is to be granted.

To be admitted to the privilege of being an outpost of His consciousness requires an unselfishness and a self-surrender for which few are prepared; to be drawn within His aura so that the disciple's aura forms an integral part of the group aura presupposes a purity which few can cultivate; to have the ear of the Master and to earn the right to contact Him at will necessitates a sensitiveness and a fine discrimination which few would care to purchase at the price. Yet a door stands wide open to all who care to come, and no earnest, sincere soul, who meets the requirements, ever receives a rebuff.

There is no question at this time that those who are in any way advanced in evolution are having that evolution hastened as never before in the history of the world. The crisis is so grave and the need of the world so great, that those who can contact the inner side of life, who can even in a small way sense the vibrations of the senior disciples and the Elder Brothers of the race, and who can bring down the ideals, as known on the higher planes, are being very carefully, forcefully, yet strenuously trained. It is necessary that they should be enabled to act accurately and adequately as transmitters and interpreters.

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