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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms
This form of work might be divided into three methods: There is first the higher clairaudience that speaks directly from mind to mind. This is not exactly telepathy but a form of direct hearing. The teacher will speak to the disciple as person to person. A conversation is therefore carried on entirely on mental levels with the higher faculties as the focusing point. The use of the head centers is involved and they must both be vivified before this method can be employed. In the astral body the centers corresponding to the physical have to be awakened before astral psychism is possible. The work that I refer to here involves a corresponding vivification in the mental body counterparts.

Secondly, we have telepathic communication. This is the registry in the physical brain consciousness of information imparted:

  1. Direct from Master to pupil; from disciple to disciple; from student to student.
  2. From Master or disciple to the ego and thence to the personality, via the atomic subplanes. You will note therefore that only those in whose bodies atomic subplane matter is found can work this way. Safety and accuracy lie in this equipment.
  3. From ego to ego via the causal body and transmitted direct according to the preceding method or stored up to work through gradually and at need.

Thirdly, we have inspiration. This involves another aspect of development. Inspiration is analogous to mediumship, but is entirely egoic. It utilizes the mind as the medium of transmission to the brain of that which the soul knows. Mediumship usually describes the process when confined entirely to the astral levels. On the egoic plane this involves inspiration. Ponder on this explanation for it explains much. Mediumship is [180] dangerous. Why is this so? Because the mental body is not involved and so the soul is not in control. The medium is an unconscious instrument, he is not himself the controlling factor; he is controlled. Frequently also the discarnate entities who employ this method of communication, utilizing the brain or voice apparatus of the medium, are not highly evolved, and are quite incapable of employing mental plane methods.

Some people combine the method of inspiration and of receiving instruction along various lines and, when this is the case, great accuracy of transmission is found. Occasionally again, as in the case of H. P. B. you have deep knowledge, ability to be inspired and mental clairaudience combined. When this is the case you have a rare and useful instrument for the aiding of humanity.

Inspiration originates on the higher levels; it presupposes a very high point in evolution, for it involves the egoic consciousness and necessitates the use of atomic matter, thus opening up a wide range of communicators. It spells safety. It should be remembered that the soul is always good; it may lack knowledge in the three worlds and in this way be deficient; but it harbors no evil. Inspiration is always safe, whereas mediumship is always to be avoided. Inspiration may involve telepathy, for the person inspiring may do three things:

  1. He may use the brain of the appointed channel, throwing thoughts into it.
  2. He may occupy his disciple's body, the latter standing aside, consciously, in his subtler bodies, but surrendering his physical body.
  3. A third method is one of a temporary fusing, if I might so call it, - an intermingling when the user and the used alternate or supplement, as needed, to do the appointed work. I cannot explain more clearly.
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