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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Awakening of the Centers
The Awakening of the Centers

The question now arises: How can this awakening and coordination be brought about? What steps must be taken in order to produce this vitalization and the eventual synthetic activity of the three centers? Faced with these questions, the true teacher finds a difficulty. It is not easy to make clear the esoteric and paralleling activities which are the result of character building. So oft the aspirant is anxious to be told some new thing and when he is told some old truth - so old and so familiar that it fails to call forth a registering response - he feels that the teacher has failed him and so succumbs to a sense of futility and depression. However, this must be met and the questions must be answered. I will state therefore the necessary requirements as succinctly as possible, giving them in their sequential order and according to their importance from the standpoint of the average aspirant. Let us then enumerate them in tabulated form, and then we will deal briefly with each point afterwards.

  1. Character building, the first and essential requisite.
  2. Right motive.
  3. Service.
  4. Meditation.
  5. A technical study of the science of the centers.
  6. Breathing exercises.
  7. Learning the technique of the Will.
  8. The development of the power to employ time.
  9. The arousing of the Kundalini fire.

This last and ninth point will not be considered at this stage of our training. The reason is obvious. Most aspirants are at the stage of the third and fourth points and are just beginning to work at the fifth and sixth. Let us touch briefly upon each of these necessary steps, and let me enjoin upon you the need there is to realize in some measure the responsibility entailed by knowledge. Do you appreciate the fact that if you were making full use of each piece of information given in the course of the training, and making it a fact in your experience, and were living out in your daily life the teaching so steadily imparted, you would be standing ere now before the Portal of Initiation? Do you realize that truth has to be wrought out in the texture of daily living before new truth can be safely imparted?

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