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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eight - Types of Astral Force
Speaking symbolically the substance of the astral plane is animated by three types of divine force, which, when brought together, produce the great Illusion. These are:

First, the force of selfish desire. This involutionary energy plays a big part in bringing about evolution, for selfishness is the nursery of infant souls. Hence the aspirant refuses to be held by it.

Second, the force of fear. This is the product of ignorance, and in its initial stages it is not the product of wrong thinking. It is basically instinctual and is found dominating in the non-mental animal kingdom as well as in the human kingdom. But in the human, its power is increased potently through the powers of the mind, and through memory of past pain and grievance and through anticipation of those we foresee, the power of fear is enormously aggravated by the thought-form we ourselves have built of our own individual fears and [239] phobias. This thought form grows in power as we pay attention to it, for "energy follows thought", till we become dominated by it. Second ray people are peculiarly a prey to this. For the majority of them it constitutes the "dweller on the threshold", just as ambition and love of power, backed by frantic desire and unscrupulousness form the "Dweller" for the first ray types. The crystallized thought form of intellectual achievement for selfish ends, and the use of knowledge for personality objectives stand before the portal of the path in the case of the third ray person, and unless broken up and destroyed will dominate him and turn him into a black magician.

You oft have been told that fear is an illusion. Yet this statement does not help. It is a generalization that one can admit, yet which remains profoundly difficult to apply individually. The fears to which aspirants are subject (note the mode of wording this) are seldom of a selfish nature except insofar as suffering has caused them to recoil from a further continuation of untoward happenings. Their fears are wrapt in seeming love around their loved ones. Yet should each disciple ask himself a most practical question: How many of the torturing hours have been expended on realities and on tangible happenings, and how many on illusory premonitions and on doubts and questionings, based on that which has never happened? I would like to point out to my brothers that they need to do two things: To meditate on truth in daily life, using the concept of truth practiced and lived by as their seed thought in meditation; to this end I would suggest that they memorize and use at all times when swept by illusory fears and needless foreboding the following formula or prayer:

"Let reality govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life."

Let each say this to himself as constantly as need [240] requires, forcing his mind to focus attention upon the significance of these spoken words.

I would suggest also sound common sense and the cultivation of an attitude of mind which refuses to permit time for illusory fears to grow.

Fear is the main obstacle frequently to a very vital step forward which could be taken in this life, but may have to be delayed to another if due opportunity is not taken and the will nature powerfully excited.

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