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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms
In these days you will need to ponder on this matter of the form, for with the entering in of a new ray, and the commencement of a new era comes ever a period of much disruption until the forms that be have adapted themselves to the newer vibration. In that adaptation those who have cultivated pliability and adaptability, or who have that for their personality ray, progress with less disruption than those more crystallized and fixed.

Particularly now should pliability and responsiveness of form be aimed at, for when He Whom we all adore comes, think you His vibration will not cause disruption if crystallization is present? It was so before; it will be so again.

Cultivate responsiveness to the Great Ones, aim at mental expansion and keep learning. Think whenever possible in terms abstract or numerical, and by loving all, work at the plasticity of the astral body. In love of all that breathes comes capacity to vibrate universally, and in that astral pliability will come responsiveness to the vibration of the Great Lord.

This summation of process and of the forms is equally true of God and His cosmic creative work; of the soul, as it builds its instrument for expression, either unconsciously in the early stages or consciously in the later; of the disciple, as he seeks to express his realization of the work through group work and the organization of his [266] life; and of perfected man, as he learns, through experience, to center his forces on the mental plane and from there accomplish his purpose in generating and producing those thought-forms which mould the minds of men, and embody in themselves that aspect of the Universal Mind which is needed for the right production of that immediate fraction of the Plan which his age and generation require.

All these various applications of the rule could be elucidated and enlarged upon. Our problem, however, must be kept clearly in mind. We are conscious souls, or in process of becoming conscious. We are beginning, through our meditation work and our application to study, to work on mental levels. We are creating forms continuously, pervading them with energy and sending them out to fulfil their function in line with our realized subjective purpose.

The emphasis should be laid upon the word realized in the above paragraph. According to the clarity of vision and the depth of the inner realization so will be the adequacy of the created form, and so will be the strength of the life which will enable it to perform its intended function.

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