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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building
We have generated a term we call the ether. Occultly speaking, this is the modern way of expressing "the waters of space", which are the waters of desire, in which we are immersed. It is in constant ebb and flux, and is the stream of life, constituted of forty-nine types of energy, which pours through the cosmic egoic lotus, and (radiating forth from it) feeds with its measure of sustenance the form - solar, planetary, or human - for which it is responsible. This is dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

Man is immersed in forces which are to him as the waters of space are to our solar system. He finds himself, as does our sun and its attendant planets, forming part of a whole, and just as our system is but one of seven systems, drawn together to form the body, or manifested expression of a life, so is the human kingdom of which he is an infinitesimal part, one of seven kingdoms. These are the correspondences in the life of the planetary Logos to the seven solar systems. When he begins to sense the life of the solar Logos as it expresses itself through the seven planetary schemes we will have touched the consciousness of the planetary Logos of our special scheme, who is sensing somewhat the united vibrations of the lives of the seven solar Logoi.

Bringing the analogy down closer still, the human kingdom itself is an analogous state of consciousness to the human unit through its subjective force existence, and from the standpoint of consciousness provides "the waters of space" in which a human being thrives and grows. Again, we are met in the fourth kingdom with expressions of the same seven forces, and as man awakens to a recognition of the seven rays or types, and begins to work consciously with them, he is taking the first step towards transcending them and controlling them [276] within his field of operation. This is now taking place. Knowledge of the seven ray types is beginning to permeate among the thinkers of the race and this knowledge was in past aeons the prerogative of the initiates of the time. Held latent in the astrological presentation is that information which will lead disciples to realization, and which will put them en rapport with the seven planetary schemes. Real developments in astrology may not be looked for, however, until the New Age is really with us and the new orientation achieved.

The form of humanity is completed. Its right placement within the womb of matter is the objective of the Hierarchy, with all the consequent implications. Note these words. The need at this time is terrific, and the soul is at the birthing in humanity as a whole. Cosmically speaking, if right direction of the forces of the human kingdom is now achieved, there will be manifested on the earth a humanity which will manifest a purpose, a beauty and a form which will be full expressions of an inner spiritual reality and in line with egoic purpose. Other eventualities can be sensed as sadly possible but these we will not consider for it is the hope and the belief of the watching Brothers that men will transcend all undesirable eventualities and make the goal. One word here, and one hint. The Hierarchy of the planet constitutes symbolically the head center of humanity and their forces constitute the brain forces. On the physical plane are a large band of aspirants, probationary disciples and accepted disciples who are seeking to be responsive to the "head center", some consciously, others unconsciously. They are gathered from all fields of expression but are all creative in some way or other. They in their turn constitute what might be symbolically called the "pineal gland" of humanity. As in individual man this is usually dormant and asleep, so, in humanity, this group of cells within the brain of the body corporate is dormant, [277] but thrilling to the vibrations of the head center - the occult Hierarchy. Some of the cells are awake. Let them intensify their endeavor and so awaken others. The pioneers of the human family, the scientists, thinkers and artists constitute the pituitary body. They express the concrete mind but lack that intuitive perception and idealism which would place them (symbolically speaking) in the pineal gland; they are nevertheless brilliant, expressive and investigating. The objective of the Hierarchy (again symbolically speaking) is to make the pineal gland so potent and, therefore, so attractive that the pituitary body of cell lives may be stimulated and thus a close interplay be brought about. This will lead to such potent action that there will be a streaming forth of new cells to the pineal gland and at the same time such a strong reaction set up that the entire body will be affected, resulting in the streaming upward of many stimulated lives to take the places of those who are finding their way into the center of hierarchical endeavor.

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