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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear
4. Fear of Failure. This affects many people along many lines. The fear that one may fail to make good, the fear that we may not gain the love and admiration of those we love, the fear that others despise us or look down upon us, the fear that one may fail to see and grasp opportunity, these are all aspects of the fear complex which colors the lives of so many worthy people. This can be based upon an environment which is uncongenial and unappreciative, on an equipment which seems [306] inadequate to its task, and in many cases has its roots in the fact that a man is a disciple, or a really big soul ready to tread the Probationary Path.

He has had a touch of soul contact; he has seen the vision and the possibility; he looks at his personality and ranges it up alongside the work to be done, and the quality of the people with whom that has brought him into contact. The result is an inferiority complex of a most powerful kind, because fed by real streams of force from above. Energy, we know, follows thought and is tinctured by the quality of that thought. The man turns a critical and disgusted eye upon his personality and by so doing feeds the very things which he deplores and thus renders himself still more inadequate to the task. It is a vicious circle of effort and must be offset by a complete realization of the truth contained in the words: "As a man thinketh, so is he." As he dwells upon the nature of his omniscient soul, he becomes like that soul. His thought is focused in the soul consciousness and he becomes that soul in manifestation through the medium of the personality.

This is but a brief summation of the major fears which afflict humanity and serves only to open up the subject and give opportunity for a few practical suggestions.

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