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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear
2. Astral polarization. Just as long as a man identifies himself with his emotional body, just as long as he interprets life in terms of his moods and feelings, just as long as he reacts to desire, just so long will he have his moments of despair, of darkness, of doubt, of dire distress, and of depression. They are due to delusion, to the glamor of the astral plane, which distorts, reverses and deceives. There is no need to dwell on this. If there is one factor aspirants recognize it is the need of freeing themselves from the Great Illusion. Arjuna knew this, yet succumbed to despair. Yet in his hour of need, Krishna failed him not, but laid down in the Gita the simple rules whereby depression and doubt can be overcome. They may be briefly summarized as follows:
  1. Know thyself to be the undying One.
  2. Control thy mind, for through that mind the undying One can be known.
  3. Learn that the form is but the veil which hides the splendor of Divinity.
  4. Realize that the One Life pervades all forms so that there is no death, no distress, no separation.
  5. Detach thyself therefore from the form side and come to Me, so dwelling in the place where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends.

It is his astral polarization which lays a man open to his many emotional reactions and to waves of mass feeling of any kind. This is the cause of his being swept into that vortex of uncontrolled energy and misdirected emotional force which eventuates in a world war, a financial panic, a religious revival, or a lynching. It is this also that raises him to the heights of hilarity and of spurious happiness in which the "light deceptive" of the astral plane uncovers to him false sources of amusement, or the mass hilarity - owing to his sensitivity - sweeps him into that hysterical condition which finds its vent [309] in unrestrained merriment and which is the opposite pole of unrestrained weeping. I refer not here to true merriment nor the proper sense of humor, but to those hysterical outbreaks of hilarity which are so common among the rank and file of humanity and lead to reactions of fatigue.

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