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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future
Connected with these two groups, the reactionary doctrinaires and the subjective band of mystics, is the majority of the new generation of young people who are part of neither band and whose ideas are largely disorganized by the recognition of both. This majority do not belong to the past and refuse to accept the authority of that past. They do not belong to the inner group of Knowers who are working at the task of swinging the thoughts of men into right channels, for they have not reached as yet the point of knowledge. They only recognize two things: their need for freedom, and an intense eagerness for knowledge. They despise the tradition of the past; they reject the old formulations of truth; and because as yet they stand on no sure ground but are only in the position of seekers and enquirers, we have our present state of world upheaval, of apparent license and disruption. It should not be forgotten that this world state is therefore the result of the clashing of the three types of force prevalent in the world of today.

1. That emanating from the holders with the old tradition, who, emphasizing the forms and the past produce the destruction of those forms.

2. That emanating from the inner group of mystics, [331] who, under the guidance of the planetary Hierarchy are building the new form.

3. That emanating from the masses who belong to neither group and who are wielding force as yet blindly and often unwisely until such time comes when they recognize those constructive channels into which it can wisely be poured.

Hence the problem of this transition period and hence the necessity for the giving out of teaching which will enable the seeking aspirant and enquirer to find himself. Hence the need for the laws of the soul and for the truth as to individual unfoldment to be made clear to those who, rejecting the old tradition, and refusing recognition to the mystic, yet seek to know themselves as liberated souls. With that knowledge will come the steady growth of the Building Mystics, for when a man has found his soul and recognizes its relationship to its mechanism of expression, the threefold lower man, he automatically passes into the consciousness of the subjective life, begins to work with cause and is no longer lost in the world of effects. Then he finds himself standing shoulder to shoulder with the mystics and knowers of all time. This is the trend of the religious impulse at this time and this is the glory of the coming age.

If it is true that there is being gathered together in the background of our present world-state a group of mystics who are distinguished by knowledge, vision, and a power to work on mental levels, unseen and unrecognized by men, it could also be noted that this band is not confined to the strictly religious types. Men and women in every branch of human thought are found among this group including scientists and philosophers.

Like all else at this time, science itself is in process of transformation, and little as it is realized by many, their work with what they call matter, and their investigations of the atom are entering into a new field. In this [332] field the older techniques and mechanisms will gradually be discarded and a new approach and a different fundamental concept as to the nature of matter will mark the new age. Within the next twenty-five years, emerging out of the two seemingly different ideas as to the nature of the atom, a recognition of certain energy impulses will be seen and this will be based on the discovery of those energies which (playing on the atom and on atomic forms) produce the tangible concrete shapes to which we give names in the various kingdoms of nature. The truth of certain basic premises of the Ageless Wisdom will be demonstrated, such as:

  1. The soul is the form-building principle, producing attraction and cohesion.
  2. This soul is an aspect or type of energy, distinguished from that of matter itself.
  3. The atom has been recognized as an energy unit, but as yet the energy which sweeps atoms into aggregates which we call organisms and forms has not been isolated. This the mystics in the scientific world will sense and work to demonstrate during the next generation. It is this type of energy, the energy of the form-building aspect of manifestation which is the source of all magical work; and it is this energy in the various kingdoms of nature that produces form, shape, species, kind, type and the differentiations which mark and distinguish the myriad forms through which life itself manifests. It is the quality of the energy which produces the quantity of forms; it is the light which causes the emergence into consciousness of the race of heterogeneous shapes which aggregates of atoms can assume.
  4. This type of energy which produces the shapes and forms and coherent organisms in all the kingdoms of nature is not the life principle. The life principle will remain undiscovered and unrecognized until such time as [333] the soul or qualifying principle, the builder of the forms is studied, recognized and in its turn investigated.
  5. This is only possible as man steps forth into a fuller conscious possession of his divine heritage, and working as a soul and in control of his mechanism (physical, emotional, and mental) can work consciously en rapport with the soul in all forms.

This will be possible only as the race grasps the above hypothesis, and recognizes it as a possibility and seeks to demonstrate the fact of the soul-factor lying back of its structure or body of manifestation, or equally, seeks to disprove it. All great scientists and workers in the realm of objective nature have worked as souls, and all the most amazing of the developments in the realm of physics and chemistry, as in other departments of human knowledge, have been made when the worker in any particular field has launched forth with faith in some hypothesis he has formed, and has investigated and progressed his work forward stage by stage until he has contacted an aspect of the truth hitherto unformulated by man. Then, having through the use of his intuition entered into a new realm of thought, he takes the knowledge there discovered and formulates it in such way by theory, principle, experiment and mechanical contrivance that it becomes the possession of the group, and in due time is understood and utilized by the world. But in its genesis it has been mystical work and based on a mystical intuition.

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