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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future
A third class of fears - which aspirants contact more and more as they grow in strength and usefulness in service - is based on the realization of the forces that are working against the Plan and hindering the work to be done. Occult attacks and occult powers, warring militantly against the aspirant will occur; they may make their power felt in one or other of the vehicles and - in rare cases - where the aspirant is important enough, on all at once. Sometimes they will be attacks directed against the individual worker, sometimes against groups of workers. To counter them you employ the first method with the following additions and changes.
  • You link yourself up either as an individual or forming one of a group with your own soul and with the Lodge of Masters, [347] not simply with your own Master, but with the Brotherhood for which you are working.
  • Then when stillness has been achieved, you visualize those Masters of whom you know, and raising your vibration higher still, you connect up, if possible, with the Chohans, with the Christ and the Manu, according to the line, religious or political, with which you may be working, and along which the attack will come.
  • You then pour through the linking chain, and through all the vehicles, a stream of violet light.

This method is only for use when the need is dire and the necessity great. The reason for caution lies in the etheric vehicle, which responds most violently to the color violet.

With these precautions in mind the fear vibration can be faced and eventually eliminated. Fears fall into two categories for the worker: - Fear of what the future holds, and, secondly, doubt as to the outcome of any effort. With most people it is a combination of the two. Most aspirants have no basic doubt as to the ultimate issue, but they do doubt at times the working out of those issues in the present time, and they shrink back also from the path of endeavor, knowing - and rightly knowing - that it leads through trial and loneliness to the Feet of the Hierophant. They are likewise distressed by troubles and high vibrations which seem to emanate from high spiritual sources. Strong vibrations will come with ever increasing frequency, and as the race progresses in evolution the vibrations will wax stronger and their reactions must be dealt with in wisdom.

Two things manifest when the spiritual vibration is exceedingly potent. All good aspirations and synchronous high vibrations are stimulated and, secondly, all that we term "evil" is likewise stimulated. Aspirants should bear this carefully in mind. There may demonstrate such a factor as a crime wave, but there will also demonstrate an increasing number of groups that stand for [348] spiritual endeavor and high aspiration. The effect of the heightening of the vibration on you, the aspirant, may manifest in various ways also. It may result in bodily fatigue and this must be dealt with - not so much by sleep and by rest, though a just proportion of them is necessary - but above all by a change of vibration, of recreation and of amusement. Secondly, it results frequently in a profound depression, in an utter sinking of the heart as the future is faced. Face that future, however, and remember that what the future holds is not revealed, but that "joy cometh in the morning". It results also in a sensitiveness of the astral body that is, perhaps, even more hard to bear.

This must be dealt with by the individual as best he may, bearing in mind the suggestions that I have given him. It results also in a permanent stimulation of the atoms in the various vehicles and their coherent, stabilized vibration. It lifts a little nearer to the goal, though perhaps the aspirant may not realize it.

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