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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future
Much false teaching is going about these days in connection with the mind and the soul. It might be summed up in the teaching of one school which shall be nameless, as follows:

Nature is cruel and selective. She works by the Law of the survival of the fittest; in the process of selection, millions of lives are sacrificed and much birthing of forms comes to naught. Hence the achieving of soul life is a rare event. Few people have souls and only a few therefore possess immortality and go hence to their own place of power to return no more. The rest are lost, submerged and swallowed up in the general process of nature, and the human kingdom as a whole is a dead loss except for a few emerging and significant figures which the past and the present produce. They have achieved through the sacrifice of the many.

But the reaction of men themselves to this teaching is an adequate answer. The sense of immortality, the surety of an eternal future, the innate belief in God, the revelation of the light, the achieving of a wisdom which helps and aids is not the prerogative of the Senecas, of the St. Pauls, of the Akbars of the race. It is found (and sometimes in its purest form) in the humblest peasant. Words of wise counsel fall from the lips of the illiterate, and a knowledge of God and a belief in the soul's immortality are discovered to be latent in the hearts of the most unlikely, and oft of the most sinful. But when the highly evolved and the most intelligent of the race discover in themselves the divine Flame, and awaken the power of the supreme Controller, seated at the heart of their being, they are very apt to place themselves in a higher category than other people, and to classify those who do not have their mental grasp of the differentiations of the evolutionary development as differing so widely from them as not to deserve the name of Sons of God. They regard all not working in mental energy as lacking souls [357] and hence as lacking eternal persistence as individuals. This is only a glamor of the mind, is part of the great heresy of separateness, and indicates faintly the coming period wherein the mind will be as dominant and as misleading as is the sentient body at this time.

Let us therefore study the types of mental energy with which the individual has to work and see how this great heresy of separateness and the "fallacy of repudiation", as it is sometimes called, can be offset.

One of the first things we have to remember as we consider these types of energy is that their trend and work can be grasped more easily in a larger sense in relation to humanity than can their effects in an individual use of mental energy. Only a few human beings are as yet consciously using this type of force and only a few can therefore understand what it really entails. Increasingly men will come, as units, into possession of their intellectual heritage but, numerically speaking, scarce one in ten thousand is utilizing this inherent power and knowingly functioning in his mental body.

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