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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy
These three - idealism, group service and sacrifice - are characteristics of those personalities who are becoming increasingly sensitive to the soul aspect, the qualities of that soul being knowledge, love and sacrifice.

This is why the emphasis in all schools of true esotericism is laid on motive. People who are strongly individual and are developing a group consciousness inevitably, in some life, find their way into esoteric schools and have to be guided in such a manner that the soul nature enfolds, overpowers and uses the personality.

The outstanding characteristics of those personalities who are not as yet soul-centered or controlled, are dominance, ambition, pride and a lack of love to the whole, though they frequently possess love for those who are necessary to them or to their comfort.

You have therefore in the sequential development of humanity the following stages:

  1. That of the animal consciousness.
  2. The emotionally polarized individual, selfish and governed by desire.
  3. The two above stages, plus a growing intellectual grasp of environing conditions.
  4. The stage of responsibility to family or friends.
  5. The stage of ambition and of longing for influence and power in some field of human expression. This leads to fresh endeavor.
  6. The coordinating of the personality equipment under the above stimulus.
  7. The stage of influence, selfishly used and frequently destructive, because the higher issues are not registered as yet.
  8. The stage of a steadily growing group awareness. This is viewed:
    1. As a field of opportunity
    2. As a sphere of service. [397]
    3. As a place wherein sacrifice for the good of all becomes gloriously possible.

This latter stage puts a man upon the path of discipleship, which includes, needless to say, that of the earlier phase, probation or testing.

The problem consists in ascertaining upon which step of the ladder and in which phase one finds oneself at any particular time. Behind each human being stretches a long series of lives and some are now headed towards the stage of dominant selfish personality expression and are making themselves individuals in full conscious awareness. This is, for them, as much a step forward as is discipleship for all of you. Others are already personalities and are beginning to experiment with the energy flowing through them and to gather around themselves those people who vibrate to their note and for whom they definitely have a message. Hence the myriads of small groups all over the world, working in every known field of human expression. Others have passed beyond that stage and are becoming decentralized from the personality expression in the three worlds of human life and are motivated by an energy which is the higher aspect of the personality energy. No longer do they work and plan and struggle to express their personalities and to make their individual impact upon the world or to gather magnetically around themselves a group of people who look up to them and thus feed the springs of their pride and ambition and who make them both influential and important. They are beginning to see things in a newer and truer perspective. In the light of the Whole, the light of the little self fades out, just as the light that is inherent in every atom of the body is gathered together and obliterated in the light of the soul when that blazes forth in all its glory.

When this stage of selflessness, of service, of subordination [398] to the One Self, and of sacrifice to the group becomes the objective, a man has reached the point where he can be received into that group of world mystics and knowers and group workers which is the physical plane reflection of the planetary Hierarchy.

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