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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The New Group of World Servers
The true exponent of this new group type will of course not appear for many decades. He will be a true Aquarian with a universal touch, an intense sensitivity, a highly organized mental apparatus, an astral equipment which is primarily responsive to the higher spiritual vibrations, a powerful and controlled energy body, and a sound physical body, though not robust in the ordinary use of the term.

What then is the present situation in connection with the integrating group of mystics? Let me be somewhat explicit.

In every European country, in the United States of America, and in parts of Asia and South Africa are to be found certain disciples, usually unrecognized by the world at large, who are thinking truth. Let me call your attention to that phrase. The most important workers in this new group and those who are closest to the Great Ones are those whose daily thought life is oriented by the new ideal. That this thought life of theirs may work out in definite exoteric activities may be true, but they are first of all and always those who live in and work from the "high and secret place". Their influence is wielded silently and quietly and they lay no emphasis upon their personalities, upon their own views and ideas, [417] or upon their methods of carrying forward the work. They possess a full realization of their own limitations, but are not handicapped thereby, but proceed to think through into objective manifestation that aspect of the vision which it is their mission to vivify into form. They are necessarily cultured and widely read, for in these difficult transitional times they have to cultivate a world grasp of conditions and possess a general idea of what is going on in the different countries. They possess in truth no nationality in the sense that they regard their country and their political affiliations as of paramount importance. They are equipped to organize, slowly and steadily, that public opinion which will eventually divorce man from religious sectarianism, national exclusiveness, and racial biases.

One by one, here and there they are being gathered out and are gathering to them those who are free from the limitations of past political, religious and cultural theories. They, the members of the one group, are organizing these forward looking souls into groups which are destined to bring in the new era of peace and of good will. These latter who are being influenced by the group members are as yet only a few thousands among the millions of men, and out of the four hundred accepted disciples working in the world at this time, only about 156 are equipped by their thought activity to form part of this slowly forming group. These constitute the nucleus of what will be some day a dominant force. During the next twenty-five years their influence will become potent enough to attract political attention, provided those of you who have seen the vision of a powerful subjective body of thinking Souls can speak the needed words, and outline those concepts which will hasten the work of integration, and put the units in this group in touch with one another. Do your utmost to see that this is done and [418] make this the message and keynote of the work you all do wherever you are.

What should therefore be the work of the immediate present? Let me outline the program as far as I can.

The first thing to be done is to strengthen the ties and establish firmly the link between yourselves and all those whom you recognize as possible working disciples in the new group. To do this, acquaint yourselves with the work of the leaders of groups in the various countries of the world - such as Switzerland, the United States, Holland, Germany and Great Britain. From their reaction to the vision of this new age type of work you can then make a temporary decision. Watch them at their work. Note the emphasis laid by them upon personalities. If personal ambition seems to govern their activities, if their position is one of a determination to work in the group of mystics because of its novelty, or because it gives them a certain standing or because it intrigues their imagination or gives them scope for gathering people around them, then proceed no further, but - preserving silence - leave time and the law to correct their attitude.

Secondly, be receptive towards those who seek you out and seem to vibrate to the same note. When I say you, I mean the group to which you all subjectively belong. They will come if you work with decision and sound out the note of unity so clearly that they are in no doubt as to your motives and your disinterested activity. Some of the 156 who form the present nucleus will be known to you and will work in unison with you, though maybe not in your peculiar field of action.

The picture to be held before your eyes is that of a vast network of groups, working along the many possible lines, but having at their heart or behind them - working silently and persistently influencing through soul contact one or more members of the new slowly emerging [419] group. These focal points through which the Hierarchy is now seeking to work stand together telepathically and exoterically they must work in the completest understanding, preserving always an attitude of non-interference, and leaving each worker free to teach his own group as he sees fit. The terms used, the methods employed, the types reached, the truths taught, the discipline of life demonstrated concern no one but the working disciple.

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