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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - Astrology and the Energies
Astrology and the Energies

To these two energies, a third group of energies must be added, and these are the basis of much of our astrological research. They emanate from the twelve constellations which form our solar zodiac. Their effect is infinite and the permutations of these three groups of energies lead to the infinite complication which we find in nature. The claims of the astrologers as to the reality of the energies playing upon the human organism can be seen to be true; their claims as to their capacity to interpret are for the most part unfounded. So little is really known by the highest intelligence on the planet; for, forget not, that the adepts utilize primarily the intuition. These energies leave their mark upon every form in every kingdom in nature, acting as a retrograding or a stimulating force. They carry one type of energy on to a fuller expression of the quality of any form, or hold another back from a developed manifestation.

It is not opportune here to outline the nature of true astrology. That astrology is a science, and a coming science, is true. That astrology in its highest aspect and its true interpretation will enable man eventually to focus his understanding and to function rightly is equally true. That in the revelations that astrology will make in time to come will be found the secret of the true coordination between soul and form is also correct. But that astrology is not yet to be found. Too much is overlooked and too little known to make astrology the exact science that many claim it is. The claim will be fulfiled at some future date, but the time is not yet.

Certain factors which astrologers should bear in mind, and certain conditions they are only too apt to forget, may however be briefly noted. For the sake of clear understanding we will simply tabulate a number of statements which should be studied with care by the [435] average investigator in this field. I cannot here write a treatise on the energies with which astrology should deal, sorely as such a treatise is needed.

Astrologers concern themselves primarily with three types of energy:

  1. The energy of the constellation in which the Sun is posited at the time of birth.
  2. The rising sign to which the man should respond.
  3. The moon which governs his form aspect, and particularly the physical form.

The energy of the particular constellation or sign in which a man is born is more deeply significant than has ever yet been suggested. It embodies or indicates his present problem, sets the pace or tempo of his life, and is related to the quality of his personality. It governs, if I may so express it, the rajasic or activity aspect of his life during incarnation.

The ascendant or rising sign indicates the line along which his energy as a whole can flow if he is to fulfil the purpose of any incarnation. This, of course, if rightly handled. It holds the secret of his future, and in its symbolism and understanding he can find the clue to his life problem and an indication of what he can be and achieve. It presents to him the type of force which will enable him to succeed. This, when duly consummated, might be regarded as producing the sattvic, or harmony aspect of his life, for when it plays its part and is utilized, it produces harmony with the will of the soul during any particular incarnation.

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