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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences
We are told in the rule under consideration that the aspirant has three things to do:
  1. Ascertain the formula which will crystallize the form he has built, much in the same way that we find architects and bridge builders reducing the desired form to a mathematical formula.
  2. Pronounce certain words which will give the form vitality and so carry it forth on to the physical plane.
  3. Utter the phrase which will detach the thought-form from his aura and so save the drain upon his energies.

It will be noted that the formula has relation to the thought-form, the words of power to the objective for which the form has been constructed, and the mystic phrase concerns the severing of the magnetic link which binds together the creator and his creation. One therefore concerns the form, another the soul embodied in the form (whose lowest characteristic is desire, the reflection of love) and the last the life aspect with which the creator has endowed the creation. We are consequently face to face again with the eternal triplicities of spirit, soul and body. It should be remembered that the Rules for Magic, as understood by the true esotericist, are as true of a created universe, solar system or planet as they are true of the tiny thought creations of a chela or aspirant.

The first reaction of the average student on reading the above is to think immediately of the body nature as it expresses some type of energy. Thus duality is the thing noted and that which employs the thing is present in his mind. Yet one of the main necessities before occult aspirants at this time is to endeavor to think in [450] terms of the one Reality which is Energy itself and nothing else. Therefore it is of value to emphasize in our discussions of this abstruse subject the fact that spirit and energy are synonymous terms and are interchangeable. Only in the realization of this can we arrive at the reconciliation of science and religion and at a true understanding of the world of active phenomena by which we are surrounded and in which we move.

The terms organic and inorganic are largely responsible for much of the confusion, and the sharp differentiation existing in the minds of many people between body and spirit, between life and form, have led to a refusal to admit the essential identity in nature of these two. The world in which we live is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible, yet possessing some mysterious power lying concealed within it which produces movement, activity and change. This is of course putting it crudely but it suffices to sum up the unintelligent attitude.

The Orthodox scientist is largely occupied with structures, relationships, with the composition of form and with the activity produced by the component form parts and their interrelations and dependencies. The chemicals and elements and the functions and parts they play, and their mutual interactions as they compose all forms in all the kingdoms of nature are the subject of their investigation. The nature of the atom, of the molecule and the cell, their functions, the qualities of their force manifestations and the varying types of activity, the solving of the problem as to the character and nature of the energies - focalized or localized in the differing forms of the natural or material world - demand the consideration of the ablest minds in the world of thought. Yet the questions - What is Life? What is Energy? or What is the process of Becoming and the nature of Being? remain unanswered. The problem as to the why and the [451] wherefore is regarded as fruitless and speculative, almost insoluble.

Nevertheless, to the pure reason and through the correct functioning of the intuition, these problems can be solved and these questions answered. Their solution is one of the ordinary revelations and attainments of initiation. The only true biologists are the initiates of the mysteries, for they have an understanding of life and its purpose and are so identified with the life principle that they think and speak in terms of energy and its effects, and all their activities, in connection with the work of the planetary Hierarchy, are based on a few fundamental formulas which concern life as it makes itself felt through its three differentiations or aspects: - energy, force, matter.

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