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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences
Every externalized idea is, therefore, possessed of form, animated by desire, and created by the power of the mind. The desire plane is the one upon which the mind imposes its conceptions in order to produce the "idea incarnate", to clothe the idea in form. It is therefore the gestation ground. The mind previously has been the recipient of the archetypal idea, as grasped and visualized by the soul. In its turn the soul is the recipient of the formula as presented to it in the world of ideas. You have thus the "presented-idea", the "perceived-idea" and the "formulated-idea", and the idea working out into manifestation.

It is well to bear in mind that the following factors govern the emergence of the idea out of the Universal Mind into the world of tangible forms. These are:

  1. The energies emanating from the archetypal plane. This plane is the focus of the attention of the highest group of Intelligences on our planet. Their consciousness can respond and be inclusive to this sphere of activity whereon the Mind of God expresses itself, free from the limitations of what we understand as form. They are the custodians of the formula; they are the mathematicians who prepare the blue prints of the great Plan; they calculate the effects of the forces with which the work is carried forward, and the energies which must be manipulated; they allow for the strains and stresses to which the forms must be subjected under the impact of the life force, they deal with the cyclic impulses to which the evolutionary process must respond; they [459] concern themselves with the relation between the form aspect and the life urge.
  2. The intuitional state of awareness. On this level of consciousness, we find the Masters of the Wisdom carrying on Their work, and it is in this sphere of influence that They work with the greatest ease and facility, as much so as does normally intelligent man work on the physical plane. Their minds are constantly in touch with the archetypal minds, who are the custodians of the formulas, and They - taking the blue prints (I speak again in symbolic fashion), deal with the specifications, look for those suitable for the control of the work, and assemble the needed personnel. Among Their disciples They search until They find the one most suited to be the focal point of information on the physical plane, or the group most eligible to carry into manifestation the desired part of the Plan. They work with those so chosen, impressing upon their minds that eternal triplicity of idea-quality-form until the details begin to emerge, and the work of what is literally a "precipitation" can go forward.
  3. The activity of the mental state of consciousness. It is on the mental plane that much of this work is necessarily done, and here is reason sufficient for the development, on the part of the aspirant, of a trained intellect. The "rain cloud of knowable things" precipitates first of all on the mental plane, and a further precipitation goes forward when disciples and aspirants are the recipients. These latter, in their turn, seek to impress and guide the lesser workers and aspirants, who, karmatically or by choice, lie within their radius of influence. Thus the "idea" presented is seized upon by many minds and the formula aspect of the great work has played its part.

It will be seen how this work is consequently and essentially group work, and is therefore only truly possible for those who have somewhat mastered the [460] meditation process, and can "hold the mind steady in the light". This light in reality streams forth from the Universal Mind and is of varying kinds and was (esoterically speaking) generated in a previous solar system and must be used and developed in this one.

In the words "the light of the intuition" we have conveyed to our minds that type of energy which embodies the purpose, the will of God, the Plan, as we regard it. In the words "the light of the soul", we have an expression which sums up the purpose, the plan, the will of those entities, who, incarnated in human form, and at times functioning out of the body, have the responsibility of materializing the divine concepts in the four kingdoms in nature. The human kingdom is, par excellence, the medium of expression for the Universal Mind, and when the sons of God in human form are perfected, the problems of the natural world will be solved in a large measure. The fully conscious sons of God, aware of themselves whilst in the human form (and they are few as yet), constitute literally the brain of the planetary life.

There is a truly occult significance to the words "to throw the light" upon a problem, a condition, or a situation. In its essential meaning it connotes the revelation of the presented idea, of the principle which underlies the outer manifestation. It is the recognition of the inner and spiritual reality which produces the outer and visible form. This is the keynote of all work in symbolism. The work of ascertaining the formulas, of drawing up the subjective charts or plans of intuitive impression and of intense activity on the mental plane is the sole work of the organized planetary hierarchy. The second phase of the work is carried on by those workers, who, cooperating consciously with the hierarchy, demonstrate the reality of that work in the three worlds of human evolution. They bring the germ of the idea, and the embryonic concept into outer and completed existence, [461] through the process of right thought, the awakening of desire, and the nurturing of right public opinion. They thus bring about the needed physical activity.

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