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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences
Large generalizations are indeed safer than the detailed and oft erroneous information anent the rules governing the taking and relinquishing of form, found in much of our puerile literature, but e'en these generalizations should be regarded with much distrust. All that can be posited is that, under the Law of Cause and Effect, spirit and matter coalesced and the worlds were made, Governed by the same law, forms were created and became material expressions of the life urge. They were swept in and out of manifestation according to a rhythmic cyclic beat, initiated in still earlier solar systems, than the one immediately preceding ours. Groups of forms appeared and disappeared, and were governed [466] almost entirely by their group coherence and vibration. So the life progressed through the elemental or involutionary kingdoms, through the three lower kingdoms in nature and on into the human kingdom.

In the lower human stages and in the stage of animal man, the same group activity reigns, only (as in the involutionary kingdoms) becoming smaller and smaller groups as the individual units achieve - one by one - the status of truly self-conscious individuals, and begin to work as souls. Then they not only become creators, with the power of standing alone, with the faculty of clear thinking and accurate visualization, but demonstrate also that they are the possessors of the creative art or faculty of creative imagination. They pass through life after life of self-sufficiency in which the personality is developed and used; then they begin to find their subjective group which will eventually take the place of the outer material groups in their consciousness. Thus they regain again group existence, only this time in full awareness and control.

In the group with which they find themselves subjectively affiliated, will be found those who have worked with them in the earlier mass stage, so that they work in close with those who have been nearest to them and who have been linked with them in the great life cycle.

There are certain names given to these stages in the occult archives which are suggestive and illuminative; they are of course symbolic. It might be of interest if I gave some of these ancient cryptic utterances which convey three items of information, namely, the name of the stage, its esoteric color, and its symbol. I would like to point out, however, that these intriguing pieces of information which I at times convey and which some of the students seem to regard as of vital importance are of [467] far less importance than the injunction to live kindly, speak words of gentleness and of wisdom, and practice self-forgetfulness. The occult data is read and noted, the familiar instructions are skipped and overlooked. We, who work with aspirants, smile oft at the foolishness and lack of judgment evinced by those we teach. Say to a student: Practice with steadfastness the law of loving-kindness, and he will say that indeed he will attempt to do, but within himself the very familiarity of the injunction palls and is deemed, at best, a needed platitude. Say to the student: I will give you some occult phrases or some items of information anent the Great Ones, and with keenness, with excitement, and with smug self-satisfaction and with a pleased curiosity, he prepares for the important revelation. Yet the earlier injunction is the conveyer of occult information and indictates a law which - if rightly followed - leads to release and liberation. The latter concerns phenomena and the knowledge of it leads not the weary pilgrim to the gates of heaven. Some of you need this reminder.

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