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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms
The word "recognition" is one of the most important in the language of occultism and holds the clue to the mystery of Being. It is related to karmic activity and on it the Lords of Time and Space depend. It is hard to illustrate this in simple terms, but it might be said that the problem of God Himself consists in this, that He must manifest a threefold recognition:
  1. Recognition of the past, which necessarily involves a recognition of that matter in space which is, through past , already colored by thought and purpose.
  2. Recognition of the four grades of lives which, again through past , are capable of response to His new thought for the present and can, therefore, carry out His plans and work in collaboration with Him. They subject their individual purposes to the one divine plan.
  3. Recognition of the objective which exists in His Mind. This, in its turn, necessitates a one pointed focusing upon the goal and the holding of the purpose intact throughout the vicissitudes of the creative work, and in spite of the potency of the many divine Thinkers who have been attracted to Him by similarity of idea.

It is hopeless to attempt to avoid the use of personal pronouns when talking pictorially and symbolically. If the student will bear in mind that such an attempt to reduce cosmic principles and concepts to words is in itself ridiculous and that the only possible thing to do is to present a picture, then no harm can eventuate. But the pictures change, as evolution proceeds upon its way, and [556] the picture of today will at a later date be deemed no better than a child's rough scrawl. A new picture will then be presented, simpler and more harmonious, and more beautiful, until it, in its turn, is deemed inadequate.

The same recognitions, on a lesser scale, govern the activities of the solar Angel as he proceeds with the work of incarnation and of manifestation upon the physical plane. He has in his turn to recognize the matter of the three planes of human expression which are already, through past , colored by his vibration; he has to recognize the groups of lives with which he has had relation and with which he again must work. Finally, he has, throughout the tiny cycle of an incarnation, to hold his purpose steady and to see that each life carries that purpose forward into fuller manifestation and completion.

The work of the human being also, as he endeavors to become a creative thinker, lies along analogous lines. His creative work will be successful if he can recognize the tendency of his mind as that tendency emerges through the medium of his present interests, for these have their roots in the past. It will be successful if he can recognize the vibration of the group of lives in line with whose thought his creative work must proceed, for unlike the Deity in the solar system, he cannot work sole and alone. And who shall say whether in those greater spheres of existence in which our Deity plays His part, He is any more free from cosmic group influences than the human individual is free from impression by his environing impulses? He has to recognize the purpose for which he has deemed it wise to build a thought-form and he must hold that purpose steady and unimpaired throughout the whole period of objectivity. This we call one pointed attention, and this creative work is one of the, as yet unrecognized, goals of the meditation process. Hitherto the emphasis has been laid on the achieving of [557] a focused attention and on the necessity, when that has been attained, of coming in touch with the soul, the spiritual thinker. But later decades will see the emerging of a technique of creation. When soul, mind and brain are unified and facility in unification has been achieved, further instructions will be given in the creative art. Meditation is the first basic lesson given when men have achieved the capacity to function on the mental plane.

Down the great cycle upon the wheel of rebirth "the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion". Cosmic Fire, p. 1024. Each life sees the initial purpose clarified and time is literally the length of a thought. This same basic truth underlies the creation of all forms on the physical plane, whether it is a thought-form embodying the urgent desire of a man for selfish acquisition or that thought-form which we call a group or an organization and which is animated by the unselfish purpose and embodies some disciple's mode of helping humanity. It underlies group work, regarding a group as an entity. If a group could appreciate the power of this fact, and "recognize" its opportunity, it could, by its one-pointed fixity of purpose and its focused attention to the spiritual objective, perform miracles in salvaging the world. I here appeal to all who read these words to reconsecrate themselves and to recognize the opportunity they have of an united effort towards world usefulness.

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