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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The Negation of the Great Illusion
I despair in making my meaning clear. How can one who is subject to the illusions of the senses, as are all human creatures, conceive of the state of consciousness of those who have freed themselves from the illusions of the astral plane or realize the state of awareness of those forms of life which have not yet developed astral consciousness? It is the dual nature of the mind which causes this illusion, for the mind of man presents to him the keys of the kingdom of heaven or locks upon him the door of entrance into the world of spiritual realities. It is the concretizing unprincipled mind which brings about all the troubles of humanity. It is the sense of I-ness and the spirit of separative individuality which has brought humanity to its present condition, and yet even that is a part of the great developing process. It is the consciousness of duality, and the subjectively realized and synchronously acknowledged sense of "I am God" and "I am form" which has plunged mankind into the great illusion.

Yet it is this very illusion which renders up to man eventually the secret password into the kingdom of God and brings about his release. It is this maya itself which [615] serves to guide him into truth and knowledge; it is on the plane of the astral that the heresy of separateness has to be overcome, and it is on the field of Kurukshetra that the individual aspiring Arjuna, and the cosmic Arjuna, learn the lesson that the knower and the known are one. The secret science of the Master of the Wisdom is the secret of how to dissipate the fogs and mist and darkness and gloom which are produced by the union of the fires in the early stages. The secret of the Master is the discovery that there is no astral plane; he finds that the astral plane is a figment of the imagination and has been created through the uncontrolled use of the creative imagination and the misuse of the magical powers. The work of the hierarchy is primarily to bring to an end the shadows and to dispel the moisture; the aim of the Masters is to let in the light of the soul and to show that spirit and matter are the two realities which constitute the unity and that it is only in time and in space and through the cyclic misuse of the magical and psychic powers that the astral plane of the great illusion has come into being and is now so real a thing that it is - in a certain sense - more real (to man) than the kingdom of light and the kingdom of form. In one most interesting sense it is true that because the human being is a soul and because the light of the soul is found within him and is gradually growing into fuller radiance this itself produces the illusion. Because of this illusion, the magical work has been carried forward along wrong lines and has been based on wrong motives and fitted into a scheme which is stronger than the average worker, for the whole force of the world illusion is against all the efforts of the beginner in white magic.

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