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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service
Students should therefore ponder on these words which will be found to become of increasing importance during the next fifty years. This is far enough ahead for the average student to look and to plan, and in their recognition of this phase of the working out of the divine Purpose, they would do well to study their individual life expression and to ask themselves the following questions:
  1. Are they wasting time in mystical dreams, or are they occupied in a practical application of the sensed spiritual truths, thus making them part of their daily experience?
  2. Do they find that their reaction to the growing impersonality of the age is one of resentment, or do they find that this relatively new attitude of personal detachment is tending to solve their own personal problems? [621]
  3. Can they register an increasing ability to sense the thoughts and ideas of others, and do they find that they are becoming more sensitive and therefore more able to swing into the great tide of inter-communication?
  4. How much is the faculty of dramatization governing their daily life? Do they find that they are the center of the universe, which revolves automatically around them, or are they working at the problem of decentralizing themselves and at absorption in the whole?

These and other questions which will arise may serve to indicate the responsiveness of the aspirant to the coming in of the new age.

In this treatise on individual development and on astral control, a vision has been given and a rule of life expounded which holds in it the needed instruction for the interlude between the two great ages - the Piscean and the Aquarian. A part of the underlying purpose has been expressed in words - a purpose which is recognized by many all over the world and which is working out in practically every department of human life. It is subconsciously registered and intuitively followed by many who know nothing of the technicalities of the plan. Those who guide the human race are not particularly concerned as to the success of the emerging new conditions. That is most definitely assured, and the growth of human realization and of the spiritual consciousness of non-separateness cannot be arrested. The problem is what means to continue to employ to bring these desired ends about in such a way that the form nature can be keyed up and prepared to handle its new responsibilities, and deal with its new knowledges without undue suffering and those painful cleavages and hours of agony which attract more attention than the more subtle and [622] successful growth of divine awareness. Every time there is a tendency towards synthesis and understanding in the world, every time the lesser is merged in the greater and the unit is blended in the whole, every time great and universal concepts make their impact upon the minds of the masses, there is a subsequent disaster and cataclysm and breaking down of the form aspect and of that which might prevent those concepts becoming physical plane facts. This is therefore the problem of the hierarchical workers: - how to avert the dreaded suffering and carry man along whilst the tidal wave of the spiritual realization sweeps over the world and does its needed work. Hence the present call to service which is sounding like a trumpet in the ear of all attentive disciples.

This call to service usually meets with a response, but that response is colored by the personality of the aspirant and tinctured with his pride, and his ambition. Need is truly realized. The desire to meet the need is genuine and sincere; the longing to serve and lift is real. Steps are taken which are intended by the aspirant to enable him to fit in with the plan. But the trouble with which we on the inner side have perforce to deal is, that though there is no question as to willingness and desire to serve, the characters and temperaments are such that well nigh insuperable difficulties are presented. Through these aspirants we have to work, and the material they present gives us much trouble frequently.

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