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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - A Call to Service
These tendencies, based on fear have (because man is divine) acted as a tremendous stimulation of his entire nature, and have carried him forward to his present point [628] of wide comprehension and usefulness; they have produced our modern civilization with all its defects and yet with all its indicated divinity. Out of these instincts carried forward into infinity, and out of the process of their transmutation into their higher correspondences the full flower of soul expression will emerge. I would like to point out the following:
  • The instinct of self-preservation finds its consummation in assured immortality, and of this the work undertaken by the spiritualists and psychic investigators right down the ages is the mode of approach and the inevitable guarantee.
  • The sex instinct has worked out and finds its logical consummation in the relationship - consciously realized - of the soul and the body. This is the keynote of mysticism and religion, which is today, as ever, the expression of the Law of Attraction, not as it expresses itself through physical plane marriage, but as it finds its consummation (for man) in the sublime marriage carried forward with conscious intent between the positive soul and the negative and receptive form.
  • The herd instinct finds its divine consummation in an awakened group consciousness, which is evidenced today in the general tendency towards amalgamations, and the widespread fusing and blending which are going on everywhere. It demonstrates in the ability to think in terms of internationalism, of universal concepts, which will eventually result in the establishing of universal brotherhood.
  • The instinct of self-assertion, in its turn, has given to our modern civilization its intense individualism, the cult of the personality, and the production of ancestor and hero-worship. It is leading, however, to the assertion of the Self, of the divine inner Ruler, and out of our newest science, psychology, will emerge a knowledge of the assertive and dominant spiritual Self, and lead [629] finally to the manifestation of the kingdom of souls on earth.
  • And what of the instinct to enquire? Transmuted into divine investigation and transformed by the application of the light of the soul in the realm of enquiry, we shall have humanity carried forward into the Hall of Wisdom and thus man will leave behind the experiences of the Hall of Knowledge. Our great educational centers will become schools for the development of intuitive perception and of spiritual awareness.

The following table should be carefully studied by the student:

Instinct Correspondence Mode
1. Self-preservation Immortality Spiritualistic Research.
2. Sex Spiritual union
3. Herd Group consciousness Brotherhood.
4. Self-Assertion Assertion of the Self Psychology.
5. Enquiry Intuition Education.
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