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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training
The New Age Groups and Training

To those of us who are working on the inner side, the workers in the world fall into three groups:

  1. Those, few and far between, who are true Aquarians. These work under real difficulties, for their vision is beyond the grasp of the majority, and they meet often lack of understanding, frequent disappointment in their fellow workers, and much loneliness.
  2. Those who are straight Pisceans. These work with much greater facility and find a more rapid response from those around them. Their work is more doctrinal, less inclusive and colored by the spirit of separation. They include the mass of [633] world workers in all the various departments of human thought and welfare.
  3. Those Pisceans who are enough developed to respond to the Aquarian message, but who - as yet - cannot trust themselves to employ the real Aquarian methods of work and message.
    For instance, they have in the political field, a sense of internationalism, but they cannot apply it when it comes to the understanding of others. They think they have a universal consciousness, but when it comes to a test, they discriminate and eliminate. They constitute a much smaller group than the true Pisceans and are doing good work and filling a much needed place. The problem they present however to the Aquarian worker lies in the fact that though they respond to the ideal and regard themselves as of the new age, they are not truly so. They see a bit of the vision and have grasped the theory but cannot express it in action.

Thus we have these three groups doing much needed work and reaching through their united undertakings the mass of people and fulfiling thus their dharma. One group works necessarily under the glamor of public opinion. The intermediate group has a most difficult task to perform, for where there is no clear vision the voice of their chosen environment and the voice of the inner group of world Knowers are often in conflict and they are pulled hither and thither as they respond first to one and then to the other. The group of those who respond more fully to the incoming Aquarian vibration register the voices of the leaders of the other two groups, but the voice of the guiding Masters and the voice of the group of world Masters serve to guide them unerringly forward.

I have sought to explain the above modes and methods [634] of work, for the times are hard and clarity of thought is needed if the work is to go forward as desired. Even such triple distinctions as exist between the groups are themselves of a separative tincture, and it is yet impossible to present any idea in its true and synthetic relation. It is again when the many thousands of separative groups can be grouped into three comprehensive ones and the mind of the disciple be thus freed from the detailed analysis of the world situation among the workers with the Plan.

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