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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part III

As you face this opportunity in a world which is passing through a major crisis, I would like to state that it is necessary for all working brothers and disciples to have three things in mind if they are to work efficiently and as desired.

First: Disciples should know that the Masters have three grades of workers. There are those doing the difficult work in the outer world. They materialize the forms through which the Hierarchy can express its intentions and they make the [18] human contacts. There are many such disciples and they are doing this work from their own free choice and because they have realized the immediate and coming need of humanity and have pledged themselves to serve. There are, secondly, those who act as links between the Elder Brothers of the race, the Masters of the Wisdom who embody the divine plan and the workers mentioned above. I do not say that they act as links between the disciple and his Master for that is a direct relationship which none may touch, particularly in the more advanced stages. This second group of working disciples, however, act as intermediaries in the working out of the plan in the world and they hold themselves in readiness to go anywhere when requested, thus aiding with their wisdom and experience and supplementing the capacities of the field workers conferring with them. There are several such that are being sent expressly into the field at this time to hasten the work whenever possible and to increase the magnetic attraction of those centers through which the spiritual force of the New Age can flow.

This is all being done preparatory to a supreme effort which the Hierarchy of Masters plans to make. Should all of you in the field at this time work with complete surrender. and devotion - giving of all your time and interest to the cause - it may be, possible to prepare the ground in such a manner that the coming effort of the Masters may prove adequate to the emergency.

The third group is that of the Masters themselves and their cooperating initiates. They work primarily upon the inner side. Their activities are confined largely to the mental plane and to the scientific use of thought. Thus they guide their workers and helpers and influence and direct their working disciples and the world disciples.

There is at this time an inner intention of blending the occidental and the oriental approaches to the ancient wisdom and to the Hierarchy. Cooperation and the mutual interchange of wisdom and of knowledge are essential if this is to be perfected. The objectives of both methods - the mystic and the occult - are the same. [19]

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