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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part IV
4. The Educators of the New Age will come next. Their service is along the line of culture and they will work to bring in the new type of education. Their emphasis will be upon the building of the antahkarana and upon the use of the mind in meditation. Again - much of this new educational science will be given in the fifth volume of the series. They will act as communicators and [38] transmitters of two aspects of divine energy-knowledge and wisdom. These must be thought of in terms of energy. This fourth group (whose work is concerned with the education of the masses) is a direct intermediary between the higher mind and the lower mind. They are concerned with the building of the antahkarana and their task is that of linking the three points of mental focus - the higher mind, the soul and the lower mind - so that there may be established a group antahkarana between the kingdom of souls and the world of men.

5. The fifth group will be that of the Political Organizers and will concern itself with political factors in every nation. They will work in the world of human government, dealing with the problems of civilization and with the relationships existing between nations. The bringing about of international understanding will be their major objective. This group communicates the "quality of imposition," and an authority that is lacking in the other branches of this divine group activity. This work is largely first ray work. It will embody the method whereby the divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations. Members of this group will have much first ray energy in their equipment. Their work is to act as channels of communication between the department of the Manu and the race of men. It is a noble task, my brothers, to be channels for the will of God.

6. The Workers in the Field of Religion form this group. Their work is to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of loving synthesis and it will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit. This group is, in a pronounced sense, a channel for the activity of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, that of the World Teacher - an office held at present by the Christ. The platform of the new world religion will be built by the many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ and the influence of the second ray and these - in their totality - will constitute this sixth group. [39]

7. The seventh group is that of the Scientific Servers. They will reveal the essential spirituality of all scientific work which is motivated by love of humanity and its welfare, which relates science and religion and brings to light the glory of God through the medium of his tangible world and his works. They have a most interesting function but one which will not become evident for a long time - not until the building forces of the universe are better understood. This will be coincident with the development of etheric vision. This group will act as a channel of communication or intermediary between the energies which constitute the forces which construct the forms and fabricate the outer garment of Deity and the human spirits. You will note here, consequently, the possibility that this group's main initial work will be concerned with the problem of reincarnation. That problem deals with the taking of an outer garment or form under the Law of Rebirth.

8. The Psychologists will form this next group and they will be concerned with the revelation of the fact of the soul and with the new psychology which will be based upon the seven ray types and the new esoteric astrology. Their major task will be to relate, through approved techniques, the soul and the personality, leading to the revelation of divinity through the medium of humanity. They will act also as transmitters of illumination between groups of thinkers and as illuminators of group thought. They transmit energy from one thought center to an other and, above everything else, they transmit the energy of ideas. The world of ideas is a world of dynamic force centers. Let this not be forgotten. These ideas have to be contacted and noted and their energy has to be assimilated and transmitted.

9. This ninth group will be composed of Financiers and Economists. They will work with the energies and forces which express themselves through the interchange and the values of commerce; they will deal with the Law of Supply and Demand and with the great principle of Sharing which ever governs divine purpose. They will [40] be the great psychometrical workers, for a psychometrist is one whose soul is sensitive to the soul in others and in all forms of life. The principle of Sharing which must govern economic relations in the future is a soul quality or energy and hence their work of relating soul with soul. They also evoke the soul of the past, linking it with the present and finding it likewise indicative of the future.

10. This is the group of Creative Workers. They are communicators between the third aspect of Divinity, the Creative Aspect - as it expresses itself through the creative work and in response to the thought world - and the first aspect, Life. They link and blend life and form creatively. They are closely related to the ninth group because today, unknowingly and without any true understanding, they are bringing about a concretization of the energy of desire; this in its turn brings about the creation of things. Incidentally, therefore, they are concerned with the concretization of money. Their work is also largely philosophical and concerned with the task of relating - factually and scientifically - the other nine types of groups so that they may work creatively upon the physical plane and the divine Plan may clearly appear as a result of this synthesis which they bring about.

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