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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part V
An experiment is now being made to shift the focus of the groups inwards and yet, at the same time, to increase their potency by permitting no individual leader to be found at the group center upon the outer plane. All in the group are to be gathered together as free souls. Together, they will learn; together, they will stand with impersonality; together, they will render service to the world. You must remember, however, that any person who takes the position that the work to be done is only upon the inner planes and that he is working solely from mental or spiritual levels of consciousness is not right in his conception of the process. Inner work which does not work out into objective activity upon the physical plane is wrongly oriented and inspired.

These new types of groups will work together under the conscious guidance and suggestion of a member of the Great White Lodge. Note the word "suggestion," my brothers. If these groups were subjected to the authority of such a member, then the objective of all the work undertaken would fail to materialize. An occult law would have been broken. Free, intelligent assistance is what we are asking from all our disciples today, and we leave them free to render it or not as they like and in the manner which may seem best to them. I am your teacher. I make succession. I offer instruction. I indicate [46] the way to the goal and to the field of service. I point out to you what we, the Teachers upon the inner side, seek to see accomplished. Temporarily and of your own free will, you have indicated your willingness to serve and to cooperate in my plans. Beyond thus indicating the way and the service, I will not go. It is for all of you, my disciples, to work out in joint collaboration and in the closest understanding the way that my suggestions and my hints should be utilized. I do not interfere.

First of all, I call for a deeper love and comprehension between the members of the group. This is necessary in order that the internal structure of the group may be more firmly and closely integrated.

Next, you must learn to work on the levels of meditation with greater clarity and power. So much of your meditation work is selfish. Do you realize that? Is not your attitude very often to be expressed in the following terms: When I am meditating, what will the Tibetan give me at this time? Will he give me something which will make me a better disciple? Will the meditation which he may give me interest me more than the one I am now doing? Will a change in meditation bring me better results (probably of a phenomenal kind!) or a new revelation or fresh enlightenment and enable me to achieve my goal? Few of you in this particular group in my Ashram as yet really work in meditation upon those levels where creative work is done. May I point out that until you can begin to do this, the work which I seek to do through all of you is largely at a standstill. The object of any meditation which I may assign to you is to enable you to have power in meditation so that you will no longer be preoccupied with yourselves and your own problems but you will become unified with your group for group work and eventually for still wider group purposes - my purposes, as your teacher and a world worker and server.

With what kind of instrument, therefore, can I now work? Every true teacher asks himself this question as he studies the grouping of souls with which he has associated himself and which he seeks to serve and aid. As integration of the group takes place, the predispositions and the basic tendencies of the massed group qualities emerge and can be studied; weaknesses can then be offset and right indications fostered... [47]

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