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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part V
This attitude of non-interference and the refusal to criticize, in no way prevents service to each other or constructive group relations. It does not negate the expression of love or happy [49] group cooperation. There is ever much opportunity for the practice of impersonality in all group relations. In every group there is usually one group member (and perhaps several) who constitute a problem to themselves and to their group brothers. Perhaps you yourself are such an one and know it not. Perhaps you know who, among your co-servers, provides a testing for his fellows. Perhaps you can see clearly what is the group weakness and who it is that is keeping the group back from finer activity. That is well and good, provided that you continue to love and serve and to refrain from criticism. It is a wrong attitude to seek assiduously to straighten out your brother, to chide him or seek to impose your will on him or your point of view, though it is always legitimate to express ideas and make suggestion. Groups of disciples are groups of free and independent souls who submerge their personal interests in service and who seek that inner linking which will fuse the group into an instrument for the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. Continue with your own soul discipline and leave your brothers to continue theirs.

The question of psychic powers is not so easy to explain. I do not refer to the lower psychic powers which may or may not develop as time goes on and the need for them arises. I refer to the following capacities, inherent in the soul, which must be developed in all of you if you are to do your share in meeting world need, and work for the Hierarchy in the field of world service. Let us briefly enumerate them:

  1. Intuitional response to ideas.
  2. Sensitiveness to the impression which some member of the Hierarchy may seek to make upon the mind of the disciple. It is for this reason that I am training you to utilize the Full Moon contact.
  3. Quick response to real need. You had not regarded this as one of the psychic powers, my brother, had you? I refer not here to a solar plexus reaction but to heart knowledge. Ponder on this distinction.
  4. Right observation of reality upon the soul plane. This leads to right mental perception, to freedom from illusion and glamor and to the illumination of the brain. [50]
  5. Correct manipulation of force, involving, therefore, an understanding of the types and qualities of force and their right creative weaving into service upon the outer plane.
  6. A true comprehension of the time element, with its cyclic ebb and flow and the right seasons for action - a most difficult psychic power to master, my brothers, but one which can be mastered through the use of patient waiting and the elimination of hurry.

All these powers, the disciple must eventually develop, but the process is necessarily slow.

Next comes the quality of mental polarization. What exactly is this power or quality? For you (at this time) it must express itself in two ways:

  1. Through the life of meditation.
  2. Through the control of the astral body.
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